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Kush Chaudhuri

Kush Chaudhuri is a CHS9 student who currently serves on the Student Council Executive Board. Outside of Student Council, Kush enjoys volunteering and playing tennis. Kush sought this role to gain experience with student leadership and advocate for students. Whether on the tennis court or the streets of Coppell, Kush can be found giving back.

Why did you want to join student council?

I wanted to become a part of Coppell and CHS9. I’ve learned more ways to connect with the teaching staff and administration, and have taken on more responsibility.

What was your process when campaigning?
I kept it simple and smart. I made posters and Flipgrids like other candidates, but I was strategic with my placement. I made sure my posters were in high-traffic areas where people couldn’t miss them. 

What is a change you’re trying to enact this year?

It has to be the bathrooms. They’re pretty disgusting and they’re missing some basic elements  like stall doors and dividers, which is something we need to fix. Other than that we’ve been planning events like pep rallies, holidays and different cultural days.

What are other organizations that are important to you?

Assisteens is a program that is important to me. It is a philanthropic organization in Coppell which helps students take agency in their volunteering and help their communities. I also enjoy the Coppell Tennis Team. I’ve been playing seriously since seventh grade at Coppell Middle School East, and hope to continue.

What is your favorite part of CHS9?

I like the gradual shift from middle school to high school. You get the classes but not the 4,000 other kids. A small stepping stone before the real world can be very helpful.

How has student council influenced you?

I’ve become more future oriented and plan more. It isn’t like a president making decisions. All of us are involved in plenty of organizations at Coppell; the CHS9 Student Board is another way to allow that.

What is one thing you’d like to accomplish?

When I leave CHS9 I want to know that I changed the way people thought. I want people to approach CHS9 and high school with a different perspective, a perspective where they’re excited to be here rather than treating it as a chore. 

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