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Joanne Kim is a staff writer on The Sidekick. The Sidekick staff writer Anushree De expresses how Kim has influenced their time on staff.

Joanne Kim

There are two and only two things you need to know. One, Coppell High school senior  Joanne Kim has the coolest voice you will ever hear. And two, Kim has the coolest style you will ever see. 

Bottom line, Joanne is the absolute coolest person one will ever meet. But, I feel compelled to share more about this mythology-podcaster-reader-speaker extraordinaire. So, here it is: an ode to Joanne.

There’s not a better place to start than the beginning. My first day in debate was terrifying. Seniors stalked the room, their giant-like stature dissolving my minuscule hope of ever opening up. Joanne was the BFG (Big Friendly Giant) among those giants, quick to talk to everyone in that room and so amazingly funny while doing it. In a room full of Twilights, she was Mordecai.

And so as the leaves change colors and summer begins to wake, I wish their life in college a good one. With all of that being said, I bid them adieu (and please become a professor). And, if you ever get a chance, dear readers: have a conversation with Joanne because if nothing else, you’ll be left with a smile on your face.


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