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CHS9 Student Council treasurer Aiden Song applied for his position to represent the student body and improve his leadership and communication skills. Song aspires to hold the same position next year.

CHS9 Student Council Treasurer: Aiden Song

Aiden Song is the CHS9 Student Council treasurer for the 2021-22 school year. He joined the student council to represent the student body and improve his leadership and communication skills. He ran for the position of treasurer because of his interest in finance and gained experience in that area.

Why did you run for the treasurer position?

My parents are both in the financial business industry, I have always wanted to do the same thing as them. I also wanted to get out of my comfort zone and be a standing example. I thought the student council treasurer would be the perfect role for finance, so I thought it would work great.

Why did you join the student council?

I wanted to improve my public speaking. I’m still working on it, but it’s gotten a lot better. Of course, I also wanted to be an example of who we are as freshmen, class of 2025.

What has your first year of high school been like?

It was definitely eventful. Way better than middle school, but also included a lot more work. I have to study a lot more for a test but in general it’s a lot better, especially with [hour] block lunch too. That’s probably one of the best things.

What plans do you have for student council next year?

I’m thinking about [plans] next year. I have a lot more plans like coming up with different types of fun fundraisers for the rest of the school and events for everyone to enjoy.

Do you plan on being part of the student council and keeping the role of treasurer for the rest of your high school career?

For sure. My goal is to keep improving year after year. I’ll just continue with my role. I’ve already had a little bit of experience now and I want to build up on experience with the same role.

Other than treasurer, what position would you have applied for?

Maybe vice president. I feel like the president would have too much responsibility. I honestly don’t think I could handle that, so being the vice president would be my second option.

What was your goal for the student council this year?

To be a student body example. I wanted to be an example of the students and who we are, what we do. I also wanted to make school a little bit more fun, other than boring school work and stuff like that.

What have you learned by being a student council officer?

A lot more of how to be an example and a leader. I’ve improved my social skills and public speaking by a lot by speaking at pep rallies and doing stuff for student council meetings.

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