Cowgirls’ win takes them to the top of district rankings


Aliza Abidi

Coppell senior defender Grace Turman and freshmen forward Jordan Clig fight for the ball against Hebron in Tuesday’s match at Buddy Echols Field. The Cowgirls won, 2-1, with the first goal in the first six minutes of the first half, and the second goal in the last 10 minutes of the second half.

Anette Varghese, Student Life Editor

After a match chalk full of fouls from both sides, especially during the second half, the Coppell girls soccer team took home a 2-1 victory against Hebron, moving the Cowgirls to the top of the District 6-6A standings.

The scoreboard remained blank for a majority of the first half until there were just under six minutes left on the board. Then Coppell senior forward Reneta Vargas struck the ball hard enough to send it into the back of the net. 

Vargas successfully scores a brace with a comfortable 27 minutes left in the match. 

However, rather than relaxing their defensive play and offensive pursuit, the Cowgirls remained vigilant and shut down scoring opportunities by Hebron in the last three minutes. 

The Hawks, inspired by their goal with 10:40 left in the match, decided against celebrating in order to conserve match time. The surge was met by the Cowgirls’ defensive plays and was ultimately shut down. As time expired, Coppell senior goalkeeper Veronica Orzolek ended the match with the ball safely nestled in her arms after a barrage of shots from Hebron. 

Vargas’ two goals gave the Hawks its second loss of the season, and put the Cowgirls in first place. 

“I feel really happy, we were in second-place and now we’ve moved up to first,” Vargas said. “Those goals really mattered and we’re definitely excited. I love scoring, I’m on the field to score and help my team win.”

This match solidified the progress the Cowgirls had made since the start of the season. The result is tangible as they continue their six-match winning streak, adding a victory against a previous loss.

“The game was fast, it was furious,” Coppell girls soccer coach Fleur Benatar-Whitten said. “We scored two great goals, we had to do as much as we could to keep them at bay. In a nutshell, my team played their butts off, they did a tremdous job and worked so hard. This is a hard team to beat, and we just gave them their second loss. It’s good to win and be a team that is that good.” 

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