Wagon Wheel elevated water tank to be rehabilitated


Ashley Qian

Coppell councilmember Kevin Nevels thanks director of city development Mindi Hurley for her presentation of an amendment to the temporary sign mandate during the city council meeting on Tuesday.

Anjali Vishwanath, Daily News/Assignment Editor

At last night’s Coppell City Council meeting, the council approved a bid for the rehabilitation of the Wagon Wheel elevated water tank. According to director of public works Kent Collins’ presentation to the council, these tanks are typically rehabilitated roughly every 15 years; the city commissioned a study in 2014 that revealed Coppell’s Southwestern elevated water tank to be in worse condition than the Wagon Wheel tank, and now that that tank has been rehabilitated, the Wagon Wheel tank will be rehabilitated.

The approved bid gave O and J Coatings, Inc. a total amount of $1,005,500 to complete these renovations.

The Wagon Wheel elevated water storage tank will be drained in order for the exterior protective coating to be reapplied, the interior to be cleaned, a new roof vent, hatch and interior ladder to be installed and the application of the current City of Coppell logo. O and J Coatings, Inc, was the third-lowest of six bidders, and the lowest qualified bidder.

Also approved was an amended ordinance regarding temporary signage outside of Coppell businesses. Businesses will now be allowed to display up to 12 banners, an increase from the prior limit of five.

“I’m very, very excited about this [amended ordinance on temporary signage], because as some may recall, I was actually not in favor of extending the moratorium on the sign ordinance, but the reason [I was hesitant] was the visual clutter and the condition of the signs,” councilmember Kevin Nevels said. “This ordinance gives businesses the flexibility to have more signage, to attract customers in, but also strikes that balance of keeping the signs nice and well-kept and keeping the city looking very nice.”

The council also approved bids for a new traffic signal at the intersection of Royal Lane and Northpoint Drive and to award Kimley-Horn and Associates a contract to renovate Coppell’s Duck Pond Park with a budget of $85,500.

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