From George Coppell to… college applications from the educators’ perspective

This week on George Coppell to…, executive news editor Akhila Gunturu and student life editor Anette Varghese speaks with Coppell High School head counselor Ann Cinelli and IB English teacher Richard Orlopp on navigating college applications from an educators’ point of view. The application season itself begins in the summer before the senior’s final year in high school, with the early action/decision deadline being Nov. 1 and the regular admission/decision deadlines extending into December and possibly January. Cinneli and Orlopp help seniors by providing essential information on the application process as well as delving into college application essay writing as the first unit of the year.

Edited by: Angelina Liu

Hosted by: Akhila Gunturu and Anette Varghese