Land talks constructions, closures in Coppell


Aliya Zakir

Coppell Mayor Wes Mays proclaims Oct. 12, 2021, as “Vivyon Bowman Day” at the Coppell City Council meeting on Tuesday. Bowman, who is now retiring, was the director of human resources and administration for the City of Coppell and has worked within Coppell and Coppell ISD for 38 years.

Anjali Vishwanath, Daily News/Assignment Editor

At Tuesday’s Coppell City Council meeting, city manager Mike Land said closures on Denton Tap Road will continue due to a halt in construction. The construction has been delayed because of issues acquiring concrete; the city now plans to supply the concrete for the project itself.

Additionally, there was some dissent among council members regarding the extension of a moratorium on temporary sign policy, with three members voting against the final extension. Those opposed argued that as the city returns to normal after the COVID-19 pandemic, no more allowances need to be made for businesses who wish to erect these signs. 

The four ‘yea’ voters were of the opinion that local businesses need the support of the additional advertising provided by temporary signs. The motion passed, extending the moratorium on the enforcement of Coppell’s temporary sign policy to Dec. 31.

Also during the Tuesday evening meeting, Coppell Mayor Wes Mays proclaimed Oct. 12 as ‘Vivyon Bowman Day’. Bowman, or “Bow,” made history by becoming Coppell’s first African-American administrator, and is retiring after 38 years of employment in Coppell and Coppell ISD.

“[I think] the last 20 years have been the golden years of Coppell,” Bowman said to city manager Mike Land. “I can say, standing here, [that when I started working here,] the population was around 3,000, city hall was a small metal building on Coppell Road, and Denton Tap [Road] consisted of two lanes and a blinking traffic light by the Dairy Queen.”

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