Goff brings energy, enthusiasm to district


Sreehitha Moravaneni

New CHS9 assistant principal Robert Goff previously worked at Sherman ISD. Goff taught biology, physics, space science, integrated physics and chemistry, and coached football, basketball, track and powerlifting.

Iniya Nathan, CHS9 Editor

This is CHS9 assistant principal Robert Goff’s first year at Coppell ISD. He came to the district with a bachelor’s degree in science from Texas A&M Kingsville and three years of experience as an assistant principal at Sherman high school. He has a passion for science, and before he became an assistant principal he taught biology, physics, space science, integrated physics and chemistry. He also coached football, basketball, track and powerlifting.

When did you decide to pursue a career in education?

Probably back in high school, maybe freshman year of college. I coached and taught for a long time, about 10-11 years. I love kids and the idea of getting to speak life and build people up and build those relationships. What fills my cup is mixing it up, joking around and having a good time with kids.

What is your favorite thing about CISD?

There are so many things that are amazing about this district. The people that are here, [such as] my direct boss, the principal here [ Dr. Cody Koontz] and the central administration, they support us in all of our endeavors. They care about our personal lives, they want to make sure that we’re taking care of ourselves, which is a huge breath of fresh air. 

I also love that we really love technology here. That’s important for our students because technology is huge for them as they go on to their future endeavors.

What is your favorite part of the job?

Supporting kids and teachers and feeling like you have an impact. There’s a lot of jobs out there where you can make a difference and I really get to be a part of the next generation of kids. It’s a calling. I love talking to kids, love getting to speak life into kids and [building] them up.

What was your favorite thing you have done so far as assistant principal?

It was kind of random. Students weren’t technically here yet, but I was leading a professional development [session] and we did a spoof of “Gilligan’s Island.” We put our faces on some of the different characters and it was a three-minute long video. I enjoyed it, that day stuck out to me in my mind.

Why did you move from Sherman ISD to CISD?

Opportunity, and just to proceed. We’ve got a lot going on in Coppell and it’s a pleasure to be here and I jumped in. I was excited [about] the opportunity when I got the call to come here.

What message do you want to tell CHS9 students and staff?

I love [them]. I’ve felt extremely welcomed here and I really appreciate that everyone welcomed me with open arms. They’ve got an open mindset of what to do and how to do it and I’m really grateful to all the students, teachers and support staff that have welcomed me.

What are you most excited about at CHS9?

I’m excited to just be here. The community around here is amazing. The parents around here are amazing. I’ve gotten to meet a ton of parents already and they get excited when they see me and I get excited when I see them. It’s a really great place to be and I’m really excited to be here.

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