Site plan approved after following revisions by city council


Sannidhi Arimanda

The Coppell Police Department discusses the importance of having a National Night Out at the Coppell City Council meeting on Tuesday. National Night Out was an approved holiday for a crime and drug prevention event by the city council.

Varshitha Korrapolu, Communications Manager

After discussing the approval of a site plan for five two-story 3,000 square-foot air office buildings and a common parking area at the northeast corner of S. Coppell Road and Heath Lane for two consecutive Coppell City Council meetings, council members approved the site plan on Tuesday night. 

On Sept. 14, all the council members with the exception of Place 1 Cliff Long, decided to postpone their decision about approving the site plan because of safety concerns due to traffic, visibility when exiting the area and residents’ concerns about vehicles parking in their parking area due to the site’s proximity to a residential area. 

Chris Collins, the owner and developer of the site plan at GPF Architects LLC., and his colleagues made revisions to the site plan to accommodate for the concerns addressed on Sept. 14. 

“I really appreciate you guys working with the neighborhood and working with our staff to come up with a nice solution,” Mayor Wes Mays said. “[The changes made to the plan for the parking lot] is going to enhance security.” 

Collins and the council determined that the parking spots near the entrance of the plaza will be restricted to non commercial vehicles as commercial vehicles raise safety and visible concerns. 

When Collins and his colleagues receive the engineering plan for the site, they will consider implementing road signs to warn drivers of visibility hazards. 

In addition to approving the site plan, the city council approved a proclamation for October as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

Coppell Fire Department Chief Kevin Richardson provided details about naming October as Fire Prevention Month. This year’s theme is “Learn the sounds of fire safety.” 

Furthermore, Tuesday Oct. 5 was proclaimed as National Night Out to shed light on crime and drug prevention. This will be an opportunity for families to participate in events relating to safety. This year is the 30th anniversary of this event. 

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