Students attend club expo to explore school activities

Varshitha Korrapolu, Communications Manager

The Coppell High School commons area filled with students eager to explore the plethora of clubs at CHS today. 

CHS senior Phoebe Chae played an important role in organizing the expo today from hanging up flyers and setting up the tables to supervising the club expo. 

“I was interested in helping the assistant principals and I reached out to them,” Chae said. “The club expo has been great. I didn’t expect there to be this many people.” 

According to CHS sophomore Akanksha Subbarao, this year’s club expo was more interactive and engaging compared to last year’s virtual club expo. 

“It’s easier because you are able to interact with members of the club,” Subbarao said. “If you have any questions, instead of emailing and waiting for the email to come, you can just ask them in person. You can also ask about their experiences of the club and how they feel.” 

CHS senior Science Olympiad A team captain Kashvi Singh thinks that eating lunch and presenting to potential members was inconvenient. Club members and officers were at their respective tables during their lunch block.

“It’s hard to eat lunch and explain our club to people at the same time,” Singh said. “Other than that it’s fine. It’s worth it because people told us that they are going to join our club and compete.” 

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