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Sally Parampottil

Coppell High School senior Katherine Anderson is ranked No. 10 in the CHS class of 2021. Anderson will attend the Georgia Institute of Technology and study aerospace engineering.

Katherine Anderson

What does it mean to you to be in the top 10?

To me, it was a really big achievement and accomplishment. It wasn’t a goal I always had, but I knew that I worked really hard and my greats were really good. I was definitely surprised.

What advice do you have for younger students?

Do things that you’re interested in and really challenge yourself in those areas. Don’t do stuff just because it’s hard, because you won’t be able to find that motivation if it’s not something you’re really interested in. 

What is something you wish you told your younger self?

I would’ve said “don’t be so stressed, because it’s not worth it.” Being stressed is not going to help you. I would’ve told myself to not worry about failing, because if you work hard, you’ll do well. There’s not some secret weapon that’s going to make you fail.

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