Dear High School Student: Dr. Bianca Benitez

Angelina Liu, Staff Photographer

“Dear High School Student” is a weekly student life series in which a student or staff member from Coppell High School gives a piece of advice to a part of or the whole student body. 

As fresh-out-of middle school students begin to grow and mature into young adults, they are often faced with the dilemma of what they want to do in the future. Many students struggle with essential questions as they move throughout their years in high school. Societal pressures to make money and find self-success fuel student’s stress of choosing the wrong pathway. 

What if I hate my job? 

What if I don’t make enough money? 

What if I’m not happy?

These questions influence course selections as students overload themselves on honors and Advanced Placement courses in order to achieve the highest GPA. This combination of stress and outside work from extracurriculars wreaks havoc on a teenager’s mind, resulting in academic burnout and mental health issues. 

In addition, many students often associate learning with y=mx+b, academic paragraphs and research projects. Students are preoccupied with coursework and often fail to see how those lessons can translate to the real world, such as problem solving skills and life-long friendships. In order to learn and grow as individuals, one must be willing to step out of their comfort zones and attend school events, such as band concerts, football games and theater performances. 

This week, The Sidekick staff photographer Angelina Liu asked Coppell High School honors and AP biology teacher Dr. Bianca Benitez to share advice to students who may not know what they wish to do in the future, as well as valuable life lessons that can be applied to life outside of the classroom. 

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