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Neveah Jones

Liberty McConnell collaborates with her fellow classmates and teachers to improve CHS9 during her time as historian. McConnell is the Student Council historian at CHS9.

Liberty McConnell

High school can be difficult, especially during a pandemic, but this did not stop CHS9 student Liberty McConnell from running for Student Council historian. McConnell was brought into this role through a love of photography and uplifting others.

What is your role in Student Council?

As historian, I help plan events such as homecoming. The biggest challenge has been not being able to do as much to do due to [COVID-19]. It’s been weird that we haven’t been able to have normal events and help out with normal things.

Why did you run for historian?

The historian takes a lot of pictures. I’ve played around with cameras before and taken pictures. I really want to learn more about photography and maybe even [pursue it] in the future.

What have you learned through Student Council?

I’ve learned to manage my time wisely. We meet two times a week, so there isn’t a lot of time for us to plan out events. Time management is definitely the number one priority. I’ve been [balancing student council and high school] by making sure I get everything turned in on time and [putting extra time towards] Student Council.

What do you do at Student Council meetings?

[Student Council] meetings for officers are on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 30 minutes. Normally, we talk about what’s going on in the week, [such as] who’s doing announcements, any upcoming events [or what needs to be done such as donations]. 

What is your main goal for Student Council?

To make sure we come out better than we did in 2020, since 2020 was a really rough year.

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