#Starworld: Potdar paints with perfection

Blanche Harris

Blanche Harris, Social Media Manager

The Starworld video series is published every Friday showcasing the talents of a Coppell resident. This week, Coppell High School senior artist Swarangi Potdar was selected. 

Ever since she started high school, Potdar has been involved in the art program at CHS. She has been in multiple clubs and organizations, including the Teen Advisory Council for the Dallas Museum of Art and president of the Interior Design Club at CHS.

In addition to her array of extracurricular activities, Potdar has taken many rigorous art courses offered at CHS. She has taken multiple drawing classes, AP art history and IB art.

However, Potdar does not just sit back and stare at her art. She sells it. Potdar has created a website where you can look through her portfolio and different works and even see which exhibits her art has been in. 

In 2019, Potdar volunteered to help the Coppell Assistance League’s annual Christmas in Coppell Home Tour fundraiser. Potdar used a wide variety of techniques and tricks to ensure her vision for her art will be to her expectations. 

Recently, she came up with a new inking technique all on her own. She picks an image for inspiration and starts to sketch it out. Then, she paints the image, but leaves all the black spaces in the painting blank. 

When you see her painting at first, it looks like a mix-match of shapes and sizes waiting to be pieced together. Potdar then inks over her entire painting with printer ink, working fast to ensure it does not dry completely onto the paper.

Finally, Potdar snatches up her paper and rushes into her backyard. She lays down her artwork, composes herself and turns on the nearest hose. The water from the hose washes away all of the printer ink except in the spots that were once white and blank.

Watch The Sidekick social media manager Blanche Harris’s video to see Potdar experiment with this new art technique.

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