Students weigh in about elimination of Texas’ mask mandate

Shrika Vurimi, Staff Writer

After eight months, Texas Governor Greg Abbott put an end to the mask mandate today in all businesses and facilities. Coppell High School still requires masks to be worn on campus, but students are uncertain about the decision and how Abbott’s executive order will affect the state of Texas in the next couple of months.

“I miss the environment,” Coppell High School virtual sophomore Priyanka Bhutani said. “The mask mandate being lifted was very disappointing, because it just makes me think we’re not going to grow as a state, and as a school,and we are not going to be able to go in person soon.”

Vaccines have played a crucial role in reopening Texas. Currently, less than 10% of people have received both doses of the vaccine.

Currently, only people over the age of 16 are allowed to receive vaccinations, leaving out a large population of citizens who are still at risk of getting the coronavirus.

“I understand that the vaccines have credibility and have been tested by many officials,” Coppell High School virtual sophomore Ananya Adiki said. “But President Joe Biden said that it’s going to take a couple more months until enough vaccines are produced for the mass population, so I feel like the governor is not understanding that aspect of it.”

As more Texans get vaccinated, the number of cases have decreased, but experts have warned to continue wearing masks and to social distance, staying quarantined. 

The number of COVID-19 cases went down after the winter weather and have continued to stay at a low case count this year. 

“I think we definitely see improvement with people getting vaccinated more,” Bhutani said. “But also being in Texas, the fact that a snow storm can keep people inside more than a global pandemic is kind of an example of how we should be more strict about coronavirus precautions.”

All businesses and facilities have also been allowed to open up at 100% capacity, despite experts’ warnings.

Governor Gred Abbot lifted the mask mandate for the state of Texas effective today. Coppell High School will continue requiring the wearing of masks for all staff and students. (Lilly Gorman)

“I like that they are reopening businesses, because I do think it is time for that,” Bhutani said. “If we want to gain herd immunity from the vaccines that our parents get, then we need to keep wearing masks. I feel like, without it, the death rates will go up and there’s just going to be another year of online school, which should be avoided.”

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