Wednesday SAT rescheduled to March 24


Lilly Gorman

Coppell ISD announced that the free school SAT originally scheduled for Wednesday will be postponed to Wednesday, March 24.. College Board will be unable to provide testing materials by the original date.

Anette Varghese, Staff Writer

On Friday, Coppell ISD rescheduled the free SAT on Wednesday to Wednesday, March 24 after learning that the College Board is unable to provide the testing materials in time for the originally scheduled date. 

“All Texas high schools got the same message [regarding possible delays in test material shipments] because of the [winter] weather last week that held up all the shipments,” Coppell High School Testing Coordinator Dr. Rachelle Hill said. “The College Board called on Friday and informed us that they might not be able to give us the materials in time for the March 3 test, and we wouldn’t know until today, and I could see in the system they had not shipped the materials yet.”

Rather than waiting to officially confirm that they would not receive testing materials in time, CISD opted to reschedule the SAT administration date. 

“[Pushing the SAT date back] just means that we will have to move the virtual learning day to the 24th. Pretty much everything else stays the same except we are just bumping [the SAT] to after spring break,” Dr. Hill said. 

The paid SAT on March 13 at CHS is unaffected by these changes. 

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