DFW area receives measurable amounts of snowfall after five years


Tracy Tran

Snow falls on Harris Street in Coppell on Sunday for the first time this year. The last record for the measurable amounts of snowfall in the Dallas-Fort Worth area was winter of 2015, reaching 5.8 inches in total.

Iniya Nathan, Staff Writer

Miracles do happen. Just ask Coppell High School sophomore Mytri Nair.

“It’s a miracle,”Nair said. “Snow in Texas is a miracle because the winter here is really warm. I was surprised that it snowed, because the weather is all over the place. I was outside for the entire three hours walking with my friends.”

For some people it was their first snow day, and for others, it has been a long while since their last snowfall.

For the past few years, there has been minor snowfall in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, most of the snowfall inadequate or unable to be measured. 2015 was the last time it snowed measurable amounts of snowfall, reaching 5.8 inches in total from the months February and March. Last year’s snowfall measured 0.2 inches. 

Sunday’s snowfall totaled about 1 inch in Fort Worth. At the DFW International Airport, where official measurements for the area are taken, the snowfall was light enough that it didn’t accumulate. Going southwest from DFW, the snowfall amount was higher, with Stephenville experiencing 8 inches of snow.

For the many CHS students that moved here from the north, the snowfall reminds them of home, like making snowmen and having snowball fights.

“I was so excited to see snow again,” CHS senior Meghana Kalavagunta said, who moved from Bloomington, Illinois in sixth grade. “It was [about] 30 degrees outside and I was opening the door and looking out. It’s something that makes you happy. It’s not a winter if you don’t have snow.”

To learn more about bad weather days, go to the Coppell ISD website.

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