Witches are out

Local bikers sweeten Halloween tradition


Camila Flores

Coppell resident Katy Willey rides on her bike with candy during the Witches Ride on Thursday. The bike ride was held throughout various neighborhoods in Coppell from 5-7 p.m. where 11 Coppell residents rode around on bikes throwing candy out for neighbors.

Tracy Tran, Photo Assignment Editor

The rays of sun passed through the trees on the road side, highlighting a group of witches riding their “broom-cycles” with candy in their baskets and backpacks. Leaving behind the bright smiles of dog walkers, kids, teenagers and adults, the group of Coppell residents completed the Witches Ride by biking for a total of 10 miles.

“[The Witches Ride] was phenomenal and so much fun,” Coppell resident Jana Hall said. “We had such a great time and really great responses from the community.”

For Hall, it was watching the kids’ reactions that made participating in the Witches Ride feel rewarding.

“[Seeing the kids during the ride] was the best part,” Hall said. “It made our hearts so happy because we had kids who were jumping up and down. There was a kid saying, ‘This is epic.’ and another kid even said, ‘This is the best day of my life.’”

A group of 15 local bikers came up with the idea of Witches Ride, a biking event to spread enjoyment in the neighborhood for Halloween despite the coronavirus pandemic. Inspired by the witch in The Wizard of Oz, Coppell resident Katy Willey sent out messages to her friends and organized the event.

“We started during COVID-19,” Willey said. “I started with those few ladies that we’ve been biking together weekly. I brought the idea to them and they got excited and then we reached out to more of our friends.”

The Witches Ride received support from attendees on the streets the bikers passed through, no matter the age range. To the riders, their childhood was once again being brought back.

“We’re middle-aged women on bikes, wearing Halloween costumes, and it brings the kid out of you,” Hall said. “So many of us don’t get to do that often and I love that Halloween let us dress up and be kids for one day.”

The Witches Ride not only started the celebration of Halloween this year, but its popularity opens up the possibility of the Witches Ride becoming an annual event. 

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