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Muenster takes a different shot at life

Senior Hollis Muenster works hard on a set piece for the production The Drowsy Chaperon. Hard work goes into the building of the sets for Coppell's theater productions. Photo by Rinu Daniel.

November 2, 2012

By Kimberly Del Angel Entertainment Editor Students and parents are driving to school, when they see a young man riding his bike alongside the road. Beads of sweat trace his hairline as he stares into the distance; a normal scene for a Monday morning—until they take a closer look and notice the...

Gun control laws necessary to keep Americans safe, according to Del Angel

Graphic by Rinu Daniel.

September 7, 2012

By Kimberly Del Angel Entertainment Editor This summer, several gun-related catastrophes left many Americans horrified at how little impact the presiding gun control laws have had on the country. With the presidential election nearing, it’s time to truly ask our candidates, who are ever so eager...