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Karen Lu

This easy soup noodle dish offers a warm spice on a cozy-night in. The most technical step of the entire meal is simply combining all the ingredients in a bowl, but this simple recipe brings the authentic taste of Chinese cuisine wherever you are.

Tasting comforts of home food

As families across the nation remain at home while social distancing and isolating, we turn away from takeout and restaurant food and look toward the stovetops and cabinets staple of kitchens, rusted from age and use.  

These eight recipes are foods that define home to us. Some of these are a faint memory of a homeland left behind not long ago by both us and our families. Others are nutritious substitute for traditional favorites, commonplace in our home cooking.  A few of these are both – and much more. 

So take a peek into each of our kitchens and take a piece home with you. We guarantee you will not regret any of the trips you take. Hopefully, we inspire you to think about what “home food” is to you.

Chili Paneer
Asian-inspired noodles
Congee with ground pork
Vegetable Fried Rice
Spicy Chinese soup noodles
Raspberry Jam
Chickpea pancakes

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