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Sydney Rowe

Texas Thrift

While smaller than Thrift Giant, Texas Thrift gives extremely similar vibes to the first store. Stepping in, I was immediately overwhelmed by the large store partnered with the multiple racks squished together. Furthermore, with the clothing organized by size but not by color, Thrift Giant seemed like another multiple-hour long endeavor. Out of all six stores, this was my least favorite because of its organization, overall environment and the fact that it was the furthest distance from Coppell for me.

Sydney Rowe

In my 30 minutes spent roaming the store, I didn’t find a single item to try on, let alone purchase. While the men’s and women’s sections were similar in size, the racks for men were much sparser and more picked through. However, if you’re up for the excursion, on March 14, Texas Thrift is having Customer Appreciation Day with 50% off all items. Just be sure to allocate at least an hour or two to search through the massive assortment of clothing.

Organization: ⅖

Price: $

Variety: ⅗

Distance from Coppell High School: 8.6 miles

Address: 3113 N. Belt Line Road in Irving

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