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Sydney Rowe

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army has a similar square footage to Thrift Giant, but is much more manageable. The racks are more spaced out, but there is still a wide selection of clothing, both for males and females. Half of the store is dedicated to furniture, such as couches, shelves and various other houseware items.

Sydney Rowe

Organized by color and style but not by size, the layout might make it harder to find the perfect fitting sweater, but it is much easier to eliminate the colors you already know you don’t want. The prices are slightly cheaper than Goodwill without as much attention paid to the brands. Out of the four cheaper stores, the Salvation Army is my favorite, because I found a powder blue Christian Dior sweater for $12.99 – the best thrift find I’ve ever had.

Organization: 3/5  

Price: $

Variety: 5/5

Distance from Coppell High School: 3.3 miles

Address: 602 E. Round Grove Road in Lewisville

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