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Sydney Rowe


Stepping foot into this Goodwill, I didn’t feel like I was going into just another regular secondhand store. The environment is bright and airy, with windows letting natural light shine in and the store, in general, having an open, clean floor plan. With the racks spaced out and organized by style, size and color, I didn’t get the overwhelming feeling I had at Thrift Giant. 

Sydney Rowe

There is still an extensive selection, where you would have to be willing to dedicate at least 30 minutes to looking through the racks, but this store felt more manageable than Thrift Giant. There are large, clean dressing rooms and a sizable selection for vinyl records, picture frames and other houseware items. While the prices are marginally greater than those of Thrift Giant, with Goodwill paying closer attention to brand names (an American Eagle coat was $30), I prefer the higher prices of Goodwill in exchange for the overall clean, bright environment. 

Organization: 5/5  

Price: $$

Variety: ⅘  

Distance from Coppell High School: 3.5 miles

Address: 901 W. Round Grove Road in Lewisville

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