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Sydney Rowe

Wicked Snow

Despite its name, Wicked Snow is a homely café with a warm, welcoming ambience. Soft Korean music plays as customers chat with one another. There are numerous drink and dessert options, from boba teas and coffee to fresh waffles and cookies. Of all the establishments I visited, Wicked Snow has the best overall environment, with the perfect level of music to eliminate silences without infringing on conversations. The prices are slightly on the expensive side, as I could easily spend more than $10 on a single dessert.

I ordered the Mango Bingsu for $10.77 after tax. Instead of straight ice, the dessert contains hints of vanilla and cream, making it melt in my mouth, much like ice cream. There is a generous amount of mango on top, covered in a sweet cream sauce with a mango coulis infused throughout the base of the ice. After eating this dessert, I wasn’t left with an uncomfortable fullness, but instead felt refreshed. While expensive, I would definitely come back and try the other Bingsu flavors. This is a perfect dish to split with your friends.

Atmosphere: 9/10

Food: 9/10

Affordability: 5/10

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