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Coppell High School senior Manisha Reddy has a newfound interest in political science and aspires to be a lawyer in the future. Reddy plans to major in political science at Texas A&M University and hopes to spread her knowledge to her family.

Why did you decide to pursue political science?

I decided to attend A&M because it is one of the top 25 schools for political science. They also have a lot of resources for networking and having the ability to reach out to a larger audience. I realized I wanted to pursue this career path when I first got into politics and wanted to get more involved with the social programs across the country.

What career do plan to pursue?

After I graduate, I want to become a lawyer and hopefully work with one of the many programs available. My family has been very interested in politics but was never involved. However, my uncle has been very interested in the field, and his knowledge has really rubbed off on me.

How did you react when you got accepted into A&M?

It was exciting to know I was able to get into a school that can help further my growing love for political science. Everyone around me was happy for the acceptance, but I still have a lot to prove and A&M is the perfect school I can attend to achieve those goals.

What goals do you have at A&M?

I hope to receive an internship in the first full year of college in a large city, where I can get some experience to further my knowledge. It is definitely a big deal, especially so I can learn about the job people in this field do every day and see if works with what I want to do. Apart from the internship, building lifelong connections is something I want to do so I have a stable structure for the future.

How has CHS set up you to where you are heading towards?

Coppell has done a really good job of helping me explore different fields throughout the last four years. I have been unsure about different opportunities, and having a structure like this has really set me up for the choices I plan on making in college and much further down the line.

What are you most excited about attending college?

I am most excited about meeting new people and experiencing new things. Although it is a college town, you still have so many new faces, with A&M being such a large school. Also, joining new clubs and learning about things I probably would not have done is a big part of me attending A&M.

What is the biggest challenge you faced getting to this point?

Having to decide to go to A&M was definitely the hardest part because I had so many other great options. However, I did some research and found out it was the best school, and many people who I knew attended the school said they loved it. Everything I did for the past four years has led me to this point, and I am excited to see where it takes me.

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