BPA regional competition yields fun for participants, recognition for CHS

January 20, 2017

Coppell High School students in the Business Professionals of America club have been preparing for competition since early October by creating presentations, learning to use new softwares, taking practice tests and rehearsing presentations with team members.

On Saturday January 14, Coppell High School students who are a part of the Business Professionals of America (BPA) club competed in the Texas Area 1 Region 2 competition at Dubiski Career High School in Grand Prairie.

“I’m really happy with the effort we [my team and I] put it,” CHS sophomore officer Ishita Rastogi said. “[Everyone] put in a lot of work to [both] team and individual [events]. It was a lot of time and effort and I think it was used efficiently.”

After school workshops were hosted regularly by the advisers – Jan McClintock, Cynthia Wolfe and Kim Goodman – to monitor progress and ensure all students would create quality products to represent CHS.

Interestingly, the regional leadership conference is much more than a stressful competition; it is a chance to spend time with friends, network with new like minded people, and even enjoy some lively music and dancing while waiting for the awards ceremony to begin.

“For the second half of the day, after everyone competed, [the regional competition organizers] got this DJ, who played pretty legitimate party type music,” CHS senior Rachel Kass said. “We were all dressed up in these [professional] pantsuits and we were all just dancing and having a good time. It’s just a really good experience and does instill pretty good professional business values, which is always a benefit.”

After electing new regional officers and reciting the BPA pledge, the awards ceremony began. In addition to students, chaperones, and the advisors who spent the day at Dubiski, many parents also came out to support the program.

“I loved the number of parents who were at awards,” McClintock said.

McClintock, CHS lead adviser and regional co-president, is determined to ensure every team is prepared for state, where competition will be much tougher.

“Some projects were not as good as they have been in the past and yet, because of some of the competition, they still advanced to state,” McClintock said. “We will expect a higher standard for [preparation] for state.”

Students who advanced will attend the State Leadership Conference from March 1-4 in Dallas.
“The best part is knowing so many Coppell people made it to state and that’s something to look forward to,” Rastogi said.

Following is a list of individuals and teams, along with their events, who qualified for state.

Red Chapter – Jan McClintock Advisor
Econ Research Team 1 Team Kass
Adv Spreadsheet App 1 Steven Kim
Database App 1 Monica Mahajan
Admin Support Proj 1 Akila Muthukumar
Business Law & Ethics 1 Yutika Ineni
Fund Desktop Pub 1 Harshith Vanam
Interview Skills 1 Naman Adenwala
Personal Financial Mgmt 2 Meryl Xiong
Integrated Office App 2 Mahir Morar
Adv Office Sys & Proc 2 Ishita Rastogi
Admin Support Team 2 Team Jain
Comp Network Tech 2 Man Vinayaka
VB/C# Programming 2 Srujay Korlakunta
JAVA Programming 2 Sachin Beldona
SQL Database Fund 2 Aakash Talathi
Digital Publishing 2 Manasa Gudavalli
Video Prod Team 2 Team Rastogi
Entrepreneurship 2 Satvik Srinivasan
Pres Mgmt-Ind 2 Jerry Gao
C++ Programming 3 Sarish Jain
Adv Accounting 4 Alarika Voora
Banking & Finance 4 Rachel Kass
Fund WP Skills 4 Joseph Koh
Black Chapter – Cindy Wolfe Advisor
Financial Analyst Team 1 Team Jain
Econ Research Ind 1 Sonakshi Chaturvedi
Adv. WP Skills 1 Pranjal Jain
Adv Office Sys & Proc 1 Megan Arimanda
Legal Office Proc 1 Nikita Belathur
VB/C# Programming 1 Samir Naqvi
C++ Programming 1 Sidharth Vadduri
SQL Database Fund 1 Swayam Barik
Fund of Web Design 1 Madeline Huang
Digital Publishing 1 Anita Kalangara
Comp Modeling 1 Tejas Mehta
Broadcast News Team 1 Team Ganesan
Global MktgTeam 1 Team Kotipalli
Small Bus Team 1 Team Kim
Pres Mgmt Team 1 Team Arimanda
Basic Office Sys & Pro 2 Hana Choi
Adv Spreadsheet App 2 Nikitha Vicas
Database App 2 Manasi Ramadurgam
Network Admin MS 2 Mayank Raj
Digital Media Pro 2 Arvind Narayanam
Web Site Team 2 Team Huang
Adv Interview 2 Jayashree Ganesan
Adv Accounting 3 Agnibho Roy
Integrated Office App 3 Varun Kotipalli
JAVA Programming 3 Jayleen Li
Medical Office Proc 4 Isabella Ip
Business Law & Ethics 4 Dhannya John
White Chapter – Kim Goodman Advisor
Integrated Office App 1 Abhilash Vanam
Basic Office Sys & Pro 1 Bhavana Keepudi
Fund Spreadsheet App 1 Mohit Rao
Admin Support Team 1 Team Chintalapudi
Comp Network Tech 1 Sanjev Kalyansaman
Network Admin MS 1 Vaibhav Vimil
Systems Admin CISCO 1 Adithya Chintalapudi
Network Design Team 1 Team Akinepalli
JAVA Programming 1 Vignesh Joglekar
Graphic Design Pro 1 Jasmine Lau
Web Site Team 1 Team Pochampally
Prepared Speech 1 Tanmay Karandikar
Financial Analyst Team 2 Team Dikshit
Medical Office Proc 2 Akshaj Turebylu
Admin Support Proj 2 Sanjot Singh
Comp Animation Team 2 Team Lau
Broadcast News Team 2 Team Khan
Pres Mgmt Team 2 Team Goyal
Banking & Finance 3 Rudransh Dikshit
Adv. WP Skills 3 Megha Goyal
Adv Spreadsheet App 3 Renzo Teruya
Business Law & Ethics 3 Josh Strong
PC Servc & Trble 3 Supratik Pochampally
Computer Security 3 Purvam Patel
Legal Office Proc 4 Arvind Arunachalam
C++ Programming 4 Akhil Donapati
SQL Database Fund 4 Rohith Karkala

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