Caring for the future, Barnes impacts students perspective of the world


Kelly Wei

Students in teacher Angela Barnes’ Astronomy and Earth and Space Science class interact with the classroom pet. Barnes’ class helps students to understand the present world and the transformation of the earth in the future.

As a fervent believer in real-world connections, global thinking and practical application, Astronomy and Earth and Space Science teacher Angela Barnes successfully gives students a lifelong understanding of the physical world.


Finding her love for the physical sciences only during college after switching from a biology major, Barnes has been a teacher for 10 years.


She started her education career as a student teacher at Coppell High School after college.


“As soon as I stepped foot in a classroom as a student teacher, I knew it was the job for me,” Barnes said.


Hearing from graduated students and their thankfulness for her direct impact on their lives is the most gratifying aspect of her job.


“[At times] something will come up in the news or [students] will see something in the night sky and they will email me saying, ’I was thinking about you when I saw this and I miss your class’,” Barnes said.


For Barnes, the modern global issues section of the course is the most interesting to teach due to its relevancy today. Students learn the effect of their habits on the environment, lessons from history and the transformation of earth in the future.


Students enrolled in Earth and Space Science have the opportunity to go on an annual camping trip, one of the most memorable opportunities of the year.

Astronomy and Earth and Space Science teacher Angela Barnes prepares a presentation on her laptop. Barnes was chosen by staff members as the Teacher of the Issue for the Sidekick’s October issue.
Kelly Wei
Astronomy and Earth and Space Science teacher Angela Barnes prepares a presentation on her laptop. Barnes strives to establish a laidback yet challenging environment for students to make the planet safer and a better place for future generations.

Classes in the past have visited Enchanted Rock near Fredericksburg, Guadalupe National Park in New Mexico, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center and Arbuckle Mountains in Oklahoma.


“She is very passionate and cares a lot about animals and she is very sweet,” senior Ria Choksi said.


Her teaching philosophy challenges students to be accountable, self driven, and meet high expectations in comfortable and laidback environment. Students collaborate during project work with the flexibility to choose the pace and topics covered in the curriculum.  


“I most enjoy getting to know the students, building relationships with them, and exposing them to things I don’t think they would find or research on their own,” Barnes said.


Themes discussed in the course include sustainability, preserving the environment, and making the planet safer and a better place for future generations. The topics were specifically chosen to expose students to information they would normally not be interested in.


Apart from teaching, she is also the sponsor of the CHETA (Coppell High School for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) club, inspired from being a vegetarian for 23 years.


“I was so thankful there were some students who wanted to have an animal rights club, an issue very near and dear to my heart,” Barnes said.


Students in Barnes’ class are encouraged to observe the world around them, incorporate current events into their learning, and be active proponents of their learning, allowing her to leave a mark on their understanding on the world.

Congratulations to the Teacher of the Issue, Ms. Angela Barnes.