Fans emotionally prepare for the return of “Grey’s Anatomy” (with video)

February 4, 2016


Start your countdown, “Grey’s Anatomy” fanatics. The best, most heartbreaking, most beloved medical drama returns to television in its season 12 midseason premiere on Thursday, Feb. 11.


The return of this award-winning drama is anxiously awaited by its many fans. The upcoming episode, “The Sound of Silence,” is directed by Oscar winner Denzel Washington, and it is sure to bring back the romance, medical jargon, laughter and tears that we have all been missing since its winter finale in November.


Viewers last saw Dr. Meredith Grey and the other doctors of Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital three months ago with tensions at an all time high. New additions to the staff pushed many of them to the point of unprofessionalism (if you call punching your colleague in the face unprofessional). Several relationships, both romantic and sororal, were struggling to maintain their tenuous ties.


Fans were left with a sense of nostalgia for the days of the “Twisted Sisterhood” after Grey tells Dr. Owen Hunt she will be his “person” if he needs one. They are also left with many unanswered questions: What was Dr. Jo Wilson’s response to Dr. Alex Karev’s proposal? What did Dr. Jackson Avery want to say to Dr. April Kepner? Will Dr. Amelia Shepherd and Grey forgive each other? Hunt has a sister?


Unfortunately, it is unlikely the midseason premiere episode will address all of these questions because the episode will be primarily focused on Grey. In a short promotional teaser for the upcoming episode, fans see a terrified and bloody Grey after being attacked by a patient and the other doctors frantically trying to save her.



Grey has faced extreme danger many times before, but will this time be different?


“The Sound of Silence” will set the tone for the second half of season 12 of “Grey’s Anatomy,” and it is sure to be as shocking, as emotionally draining and as wonderful as we can hope for.

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