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Lindsay Yoo

Lindsay Yoo is a CHS9 student who currently serves on the Student Council Executive Board. Last year, she was the secretary of the National Junior Honor Society at Coppell Middle School West. She is also involved in Coppell Band. 

What is your favorite part about being on the executive board?

We get to collaborate with each other to find ways to improve [CHS9]. We do so many projects with things like spirit weeks and organizing upcoming fundraisers. Also, I feel like student council is a way to help improve the school and community but in a way that everyone can participate and have fun. It gives people ways to communicate, grow and connect, which are very important. I think that since people from all three middle schools (Coppell Middle Schools North, East and West) came together into one high school, it’s a better way to find new friends and interact with and meet new people who help you grow as a person.

What does the executive board hope to achieve this year?

The board members and I talked, and our most important goal is to make a true and impactful change in our school and community. But, we also want the student council and the students to have fun and find a deeper connection. I hope that the board members get closer and find more ways to connect so that we can find better ways to improve the school. For example, we could have more projects and be able to help the student council in general. I feel like if we can connect as a board, then we can help the other student council members get closer and work together better.

What inspired you to join StuCo and be a part of the executive board?

In middle school, I was in the National Junior Honor Society, in which I was the secretary. There, I learned that working in an organization that helps students volunteer and work for charities can make an actual difference, and it helps you connect and grow with other people. We truly did get to make an impact in certain organizations, such as Water is Basic, which donates water and builds wells for small towns in Sudan and Africa. We did that by doing school dances, bake sales and fundraisers, which got a lot of participation. I wanted to join the student council because I knew it was an organization that helps the community and the school and is a way to work with very intelligent students who can improve the community.

What was the process of running for the executive board like?

It was a very fun process! I partnered up with another board member, Johan Padayatti, and we tried to get as many votes as possible. We made posters, talked to a lot of people and I felt like the whole campaign was a very respectful process. All of the other people who were running were very respectful of each other. It was a very easy process.

Has being a part of student leadership introduced you to other passions?

I feel like it opened a vision that it’s possible to help the community in multiple ways, do projects and work with people. I wasn’t interested in joining any clubs besides StuCo, but I feel like it has opened the vision that joining clubs is effective and it can help people and the community.

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