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Medha Kanamarlapudi

Medha Kanamarlapudi is a CHS9 student who currently serves on the Student Council Executive Board. A member of Coppell ISD for 14 years, Kanamarlapudi took on this role both to challenge herself and change the experience of school for her classmates. Kanamarlapudi loves to volunteer around her community. Whether at the food pantry or the temple, she can always be found helping someone out.

Who inspired you to join the Student Council?

My sister [CHS alumna Veda Kanamarlapudi] was my inspiration. She always had leadership roles throughout high school and I wanted to try my own hand at leadership through Student Council. 

How was your campaign experience?

I enjoyed making unique posters based off of Mean Girls. People were telling me that they loved my Bernbach posters. When I first started campaigning, I didn’t think I would win. But by the end of the campaign, I thought, I might actually have a chance.

Were there unexpected challenges?

You need a lot of connections, and it was really hard to do it all by myself. I was able to solve that because my friends were willing to help, I definitely wouldn’t have won without them. I owe them all a really big thank you.

What is something you want to do with the board?

I’ve always loved to volunteer and help others. I love doing favors and brightening someone’s day. I want to do more volunteer work for different charities and organizations, maybe homeless shelters. I would like people to wake up and want to come to school, even though it can feel like a chore. I want people to bond and have fun at school. Sometimes I think it’s hard for us to see how fortunate we are. Volunteering is one of those opportunities where you can recognize that and give back. It’s one of those experiences that changes you.

What other activities are you involved in?

I’ve mainly been volunteering on my own but I was also a part of NJHS in middle school. Even in elementary school I would volunteer with my friends and family, so I wanted to continue those experiences throughout high school.

What’s been your favorite part of CHS9?

I love all the people. Coppell Middle School East was smaller, and there are so many people here. Some of my closest friends this year are people I’ve only met this year, but they’re like a second family to me.

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