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Lilly Gorman

City Council Place 3 Wes Mays is running for Coppell mayor. Mays has served on the council for 9 years, including one year as mayor pro-tem.

Wes Mays (Mayor)

What inspired you to run for mayor?

When Mayor Hunt announced that she was retiring, I decided it was time to step up to the challenge. I’ve served on the city council for 9 years and I have a vision for the future of the city of Coppell. I want to see that our 2040 plan impacts the city in a very positive manner. I am very proud of the citizen involvement that went into the planning process of our 2040 plan and I want to see how our future unfolds. We already have established some very effective programs, such as Allies in the Community that embrace the changing demographics of Coppell. I am also very encouraged by the progress of the two new committees that resulted from the 2040 plan, the Future Oriented Approach to Residential Development or FOARD board and the Smart Cities board. These two committees are going to provide invaluable input for the future of Coppell. I want to be part of that future.

What experiences prepared you for the role of mayor?

I’ve served on the city council for 9 years, including one year as mayor pro-tem. Each year, we do a thorough review of the city’s budget, operations and strategic plan. As a result of these years on Council, I have the history and background to lead and mentor this new council. I have also participated in numerous Texas Municipal League seminars for elected officials, am a member of the Transportation Infrastructure Committee of the National League of Cities. 

As a 20 year resident of Coppell, I have grown to know and love this town. I have served as an adult Boy Scout leader since 1988. I helped coach Little League, was an active Band Booster parent and served on the Coppell Solar car advisory group. I am currently chairman of the industrial advisory board at the University of North Texas. I have served the First United Methodist church on a number of committees including the staff parish relations committee, the finance committee, the fix-it committee, the United Methodist Men and am a member of the church’s wind ensemble. I also am a member of the Coppell Community Orchestra. I am a member of the Coppell Lions club. 

What are the biggest issues currently facing Coppell?

The biggest long-term threat to the city of Coppell is from outside of the city and beyond our direct span of control. I am very concerned about increasing overreach from Austin attempting to apply a band-aid fix for some issue well removed from our local area. Texas is a very large state and a state-wide solution is not the best answer for everyone. Coppell is in the best position to determine what is best for our own citizens, not Austin.

What are your plans to address these concerns?

We are actively working on the legislative front in several different areas including close communication with our elected State Representative, Julie Johnson and our State Senator, Nathan Johnson. We have testified at hearings in Austin to promote our positions on various topics. The city council approved our legislative agenda in December that very clearly outlines our wishes and desires. This agenda has been sent, or is available, to the representatives, senators, the house and senate leadership and the governor’s office. We normally visit the legislature as the City Council of Coppell when it is in session, but due to the pandemic, we are not able to attend this year.

The balancing act of providing the city services that our citizens need, want and require versus the very real challenge of meeting the financial and budget needs of the city by not allowing our taxes to get out of control. We’ve been very fortunate that we’ve been able to provide one of the lowest tax rates in the city’s history, yet providing an unparalleled level of service in spite of overarching legislation such as SB2 and SR3.334. We certainly don’t need more legislation from Austin limiting our ability to provide for the citizens of Coppell.

How would you describe Coppell to a stranger?

Coppell is a wonderful place to live. It has a small town feel, with all of the amenities available from the big cities. Coppell has a quaint, almost “old time” feel to it. We have a number of local restaurants, coffee shops and parks where you almost always run into someone that you know. Our school system is one of the best in Texas. Coppell has been ranked as “One Of The Best Places To Live In The Country” by Money Magazine. 

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