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Coppell High School junior Adarsh Pulasseri helps the CHS EcoClub meetings run smoothly with his position as president. The Eco Club’s goal is to bring together a community focused on helping the environment throughout Coppell.

Adarsh Pulasseri

Adarsh Pulasseri is the Coppell High School EcoClub president and dealing with the new normal high school experience has not been an easy feat. Pulasseri hopes to use his leadership skills to make the world a more sustainable place, and he is already coming up with ideas for the changes he would like to see on campus. 

Why did you run for president?

I had a couple of ideas for the EcoClub so we could expand more. One of the ideas was a net zero committee, so we could start implementing energy efficient methods at CHS, like solar panels, wind energy, etc. Another [idea] was a garden, which we are currently in the process of building at CHS and cisterns to collect water. 

What has been your most rewarding experience?

Setting up the committees [groups that members are placed in based on their interests in order to work towards a certain goal for the school] because they were pretty new this year. It was nice to see that people are interested in doing this committee work. We have the task system that we implemented, and people are signing up for those tasks. It seems that these committees will get us somewhere in our goals making CHS and Coppell more sustainable. 

What legacy do you hope to leave?

My main impact is that I want to help expand the borders of the club. When we started in ninth grade, pretty much all that we did was trash cleanups, a bit of pond cleanups at CHS and a couple of water testings. [I hope] to just expand the club and committees to help broaden our impact by setting up solar panels, gardens and cisterns and overall expand the club and what it can do. 

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