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Summer bucket list 2012 continued

May 23, 2012

By Jordan Thompson Staff Writer 13. Have a movie marathon. Spend an entire day just watching your favorite movies. It's something everyone wants to do but you can just never seem to dedicate an entire day to it. Watch chick flicks all day then scary movies all night. 14. Go to a drive in movie. If...

Summer bucket list 2012 continued

May 23, 2012

11. Dress up in a store. Go to any store and find some kind of costumes or crazy outfits to put on and walk around the store. You'll get tons of confused and dirty looks but just keep struttin' your stuff. 12. Have a movie marathon. Spend an entire day just watching your favorite movies. It's...

Slow summer down, Shepard says

Slow summer down, Shepard says

May 22, 2012

By Kristen Shepard Staff Writer It is a pattern most students have become all too familiar with - the last few weeks of school are long and sluggish. Many students simply can’t find the motivation to keep up their work ethic and studying, and with summer around the corner, there are thirsty for...

summer bucket list 2012

May 16, 2012

by Jordan Thompson Staff Writer   1. Learn how to ride a unicycle. I've never actually tried riding a unicycle, but it's on my list for this summer! I'm sure it's extremely difficult and you will probably get no where with this, but I'm sure you'll get a good laugh. Get a few of your best...

Drawing near to the end of the year

May 11, 2012

By Tanner McCord Staff Writer You know the end of the year  is approaching when you have two separate projects going on in two separate classes. Teachers are beginning the assignment cramming and students are, well, probably not starting their final exam study cramming because it's not yet the day be...

Beat the Heat CHS

Beat the Heat CHS

September 7, 2011

By Jordan Bickham Staff Writer The summer season ends with the start of school, but with temperatures soaring in the hundreds, summer seems endless, even when the vacation is over. As a freshman spending his last few weeks of summer marching under the sun, Matthew Thomas could not have antici...

Have a great summer CHS!

Have a great summer CHS!

May 31, 2011

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Doing nothing the key to mental health, Stewart says

May 26, 2011

Kelly Stewart Staff Writer Summer vacation is just around the corner, and many students are thinking of the fun and exciting vacations that they plan to take this year. However, even ‘vacation’ sometimes means just being stressed in a different place, with the family having to rush around and...

Senior’s last words

April 22, 2011

Ashley Attanucci Web Manager I am leaving Coppell High School. the past four years, almost a quarter of my lifetime, I have been part of this routine – school at 8:20 a.m., classes, friends, lunch, pep rallies, car pool, homework. It has become my life and the life I love. Now, suddenly, though...

Northlake releases summer catalog

April 5, 2011

By Henna Khan Business Manager For those of you who are interested in getting ahead during the summer and putting some college credit hours under your belt, today is the day. Northlake has released their Summer I and Summer II catalogs on their website to allow students to start thinking about...

False tanning methods radiate dangerous skin problems

February 25, 2011

Kara Adkins Staff Writer To escape the winter season, many girls at Coppell High School are turning to tanning beds in order to get that desired summer glow. However, the price of beauty, in this case, is very steep. Although many tan to look and feel better about themselves, there are seri...

Spider-man reboot officially named “The Amazing Spider-man”

February 14, 2011

By Wren Culp Staff Writer/Web Manager It finally feels official. It finally feels real. Sony Pictures has released the name of Marc Webb's (500 Days of Summer) Spider-man reboot. But alas, does the name make the film seem cheesy? Along with the news of the name, Sony Pictures has also released an offi...