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Don’t dress to oppress

Dressember is a challenge of wearing a dress or tie for all of december, and is a conversation starter to educate communities about modern slavery and an opportunity to fundraise. The Sidekick Staff Writer Charlotte Vanyo wears a dress every day of December to raise money to prevent human trafficking.

Charlotte Vanyo, Staff Writer

January 10, 2019

My mission in life is to make a difference - even a small one. Because of this, I try to be politically active in any way a 16-year-old can. I can often be found at town halls, rallies and marches. Many people laugh at my activism and ask, “Does she really think she’s making a difference?” In a...

Once upon a Dressember: Mccord sheds light on human trafficking through month long dresswear

Coppell high school student junior Lauren Mccord wearing of her many dresses of the month of December as Lauren calls it “Dressember”. Lauren wears dress every day of the month of december in order to be voice for victims and to stand up against human trafficking.

Jessica Jun, Staff Writer

January 18, 2017

From holding a fundraiser to simply raising awareness, those who are passionate will always find creative ways to bring light to an issue. For Coppell High School junior Lauren Mccord, wearing a dress was what she perceived to be the most powerful form of speech in raising awareness.   Dressem...