Coppell Student Media

Laura Amador-Toro, photographer

Mar 18, 2019
From Colombia to the U.S.: Not exactly the American dream (Story/Media)
Jan 15, 2019
CHS Highlight: Marker Luckey (Media)
Feb 22, 2019
How journalism allowed me to better understand myself (Media)
Feb 16, 2019
Powerful biographical play “The Diary of Anne Frank” comes to CHS Theatre (Media)
Feb 08, 2019
The magic of impractical passions: how making time for frivolity keeps us close to our true selves (Media)
Jan 23, 2019
Women of color lead 2019 Dallas Women’s March (Media)
Nov 29, 2018
Ending “smart Asian” stereotypes (Media)
Nov 16, 2018
What does Thanksgiving mean to you? (Story)
Oct 24, 2018
Divided We Fall (Media)
Oct 15, 2018
Q&A: With variety of experiences, Payne brings fresh take to language (Media)
Oct 11, 2018
Pro: Protesting is more than just effective, it is necessary (Media)
Oct 03, 2018
Reflecting on a year without dance; a quitter does not equal loser (Media)
Sep 20, 2018
Engler dances his way into lead role (Media)
Aug 29, 2018
Hewitt shares love, ambition for Spanish with students (Media)
Aug 15, 2018
Coppell High School students are welcomed to familiar halls, unfamiliar changes (Media)
Mar 29, 2018
15 Q’s with Mr. Mares (Story)
Jan 23, 2018
Impact of #MeToo movement trickles down from Hollywood, mainstream media (Part I) (Media)
Nov 21, 2017
Pacing itself: KCBY collects another top honor (Media)
Nov 16, 2017
Four books to help you fall into reading over break (Media)
Oct 30, 2017
On the Spot: JFK assassination documents released 30 years after president’s death (Media)