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  • PSAT registration for 9th-11th grade ends Sept. 20

  • Coppell Varsity Football will play Jesuit at home on Sept. 29

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 A gentle spirit: Horse therapy providing countless benefits for Coppell 2nd grader

Video by Nick Wilson and Hailey Hess. By Mallorie Munoz. Staff Photographer. @munoz_mallorie. “I feel happy,” Reagan Robinette said. Reagan has no trouble communicating how she feels about Spirit Horse Therapeutic center, as if the huge grin on her face is not enough. Reagan is a second grader at Cottonwood Creek Elementary. She plays Coppell Youth soccer and softball. She talks, laughs, and loves attention just like any 9-year-old does. Read more.

Mayes dedicates himself to Olympic weightlifting

Video by Marisa Thakady and Kevin Madigan. By Joseph Krum. Staff Writer. @joseph_krum. Coppell High School junior Jake Mayes looks down and sees the gray metal bar sitting on the ground underneath him.This is it, he thinks. He takes a deep breath and squats down to pick up the bar. Then, with every fiber of muscle in his body, he picks it up and pushes it upwards. Read more. 

What is Empire Trust? Christian organization awards student athletes through scholarships

Video by Blake Snawder and Samuel Dumar. By Alex Nicoll. Editor-in-Chief. @NicollMac. What is Empire Trust?.  This is the question so many Coppell athletes and students have. The organization has a large following on social media and while kids love the “shoutouts” they get, not many know the mission behind this organization. Read more.

English students bring passion, talents to humanitarian aid project

Video by Abby Foster and Caroline Yeager. By Emma Cummins. Staff Writer.As teenagers, figuring out our strengths and skills seems like an impossible task. But for some AP English III students, they have no problem in finding a way to put their skill to good use in the annual humanitarian aid project. The group consists of six members.Coppell High School juniors, Jarrad Cisco, Laura Taylor, Taylor Stiff, Taylor Bell, Kristen Racz and Nino Teruya all joined the group because of their passion for suicide prevention. Read more.

Facebook page, Project Prom make finding the perfect dress a reality for students

Video by Cheny Yang and Ryan Storch. By Meara Isenberg. Staff Writer. @mearaannee. With prom season almost upon us, it will soon be time for four-letter proposals and party bus rentals. For ladies at Coppell High School, it would not be complete without the perfect dress. Read more. 

Police-community relations fostered at Coffee with a Cop

Video by Bethany Tallon and Justin Daniel. By Thomas Rousseau. Staff Writer. Warm smiles and happy faces filled the local Coppell McDonald’s on Feb. 21 as uniformed police officers mingled with citizens over breakfast and steaming coffee. Some talked in small groups with inquisitive looks, others stood together and laughed over things that could not have less to do with the police and their jobs. Read more. 

Days off school lead to problems, benefits for students

Video by Marin Hulme, Mia Ford and Samuel Dumar. By Meara Isenberg. Staff Writer. @mearaannee. While outside a temperature drop began to freeze Coppell’s soggy streets, sophomore Miranda Dickson sat in front of her computer Sunday night, eagerly refreshing the Coppell High School website. At approximately 7:30 p.m., the right hand corner of Dickson’s screen lit up with the highly anticipated announcement, Coppell ISD was closed. Read more. 

Athletics director retiring after 11 year tenure in position

Video by Abby Foster and Caroline Yeager.  Alex Nicoll. Editor-in-Chief. @NicollMac. After a storied 11-year career as the Coppell Independent School District athletics director, John Crawford officially announced his retirement on Thursday. Read more. 

Cafeteria faculty love their jobs, but do students show enough respect for them?

Video by Kazushi Matsumoto and Tim Banzon. By Taylor Bond. Page Designer. Students know the food specialists as the women that make the lunch everyday and serve it, then tell us our money account is negative. But, there is more to their job then students would ever think to realize. Read more 

High school band makes quick introduction into music world; plan to stay together after graduation

Video by Jordan Logan and Alana Rood. By Kara Hallam. Enterprise Editor. @Kara Hallam. Many teens try to form their own bands in high school in attempts to make it in the music industry.  However, high school band Sad Cops has already got a head start after it made its grand entrance with the release of the extended play (EP) Best Friends in January. What started out as the single work of Coppell High School junior Grayson Harris  soon turned into a connection that will last after graduation. Read more.

Vujicic speaks at LifeChurch, inspires community with ‘Life Without Limbs’

Video by Spencer Hicks & Kolbe Klement.Story by Shruthika Pochampally. Staff Writer. @shruthreddy. For many people, medically unexplainable setbacks are not only physically challenging, but mentally as well. But for motivational speaker, best-selling author, musician, actor, fisher, painter and swimmer Nick Vujicic, being born with tetra-amelia syndrome, otherwise known as phocomelia, is no longer a drawback as much as a motivator. Read more. 

Fracking questioned for Coppell’s shaken nerves from recent earthquakes (with video)

Video by KCBY/Madyline Baucum and Mia Ford. By Priya Desai. Staff Writer. @priusdasani. Irving resident Shelly Redding was not quite sure what to think when her 50-year-old home started to shake. “That day was really scary because I’ve never been in an earthquake, I mean, I’m from Texas,” said Redding, who is the Career and Technology department chair at Coppell High School. Read more. 

With most Division I commits in recent years, football dominates National Signing Day

Video by Nick Wilson. By Alex Nicoll. Editor-in-Chief. @NicollMac. With an energy that was felt as soon as you walked in the doors this morning, the Coppell High School gym had families buzzing, athletes signing and one happy athletic director. “It just makes me throw my chest out and just be extremely proud to what we have going on here at Coppell High School,” athletic director John Crawford said. Twelve athletes signed their letters of intent Wednesday, nine of them coming from the football program. All nine players are Division I bound, the most in one class at CHS in recent years. Read more.

Kalina scores role in one of the most anticipated movies of 2015; “That’s What I’m Talking About”

Video by Mia Ford. By Sloane Slamberson. Staff Writer. From a young age you are asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?”. A doctor, a teacher, a firefighter or maybe a vet. There were endless options for what you wanted to do, and had the potential to be when you grew up. It is not often that what you wanted to be is what you were really destined to do, but for University of Texas at Austin student and 2010 Jesuit graduate Tanner Kalina, his passion for acting came full circle. Read More.


11-year-old culinary creationist from Coppell lands spot on MasterChef Junior

Video by Madyline Baucum and Marisa Thakady. By Sloane Samberson. Staff Writer. @sloane_averys. You may have seen a familiar face on the MasterChef Junior’s premiere last Tuesday, Jan. 6. Coppell Middle School West sixth grader Ryan Kate Brandenburg is one of 19 lucky contestants who landed a spot on MCJ’s third season.MasterChef Junior is a cooking competition for the best 8 to 13 year old chefs across the nation. Their job is to cook creative, tasteful and beautiful dishes for judges Gordon Ramsey, Joe Bastianich, and Graham Elliot to critique. Read more. 

Cerda draws positives out of devastating car accident 30 years ago 

Video by Travis Thompson and Shivani Burra. Sakshi Venkatraman. Staff Writer. @oompapa1. Sixteen-year-old Ray Cerda was living a life that was almost too good to be true. He was an exceptional student, active in student council, member of the National Honors Society, president of his class and the quarterback of Irving High School’s football team. On May 23, 1981, everything he knew fell apart when a late-night car accident involving alcohol paralyzed him from the neck down. Read more.

Christmas Store rings true to season of giving through helping impoverished families

Video by Sydney Pickett.  By Summer Crawford. News Editor. @summercrawfordd. Red and green decor, lights and glittering ornaments strung on trees filtering in the soft glow of Christian melodies, the birth of Jesus Christ and the sweet taste of love are just a few of the things that constituent Christmas. Children are daydreaming of endless gifts, parents are searching for the perfect present and Santa Claus is checking his list twice. Read more.

New history, rivalry brewing for Coppell football

Video by Marilyn Clark and McCullough. By Alex Nicoll. Editor-in-Chief. @NicollMac. There is only one team, though, that year after year has defeated Coppell and kept them from reaching the coveted state championship. There is only one team, though, that year after year has defeated Coppell and kept them from reaching the coveted state championship. Read more. 

Angel of Hope lends a healing hand to Thompson, Coppell families who have lost a child

Video by Alana Rood. By Summer Crawford. News [email protected] No one, no parent, imagines that recent moments with their child could very well be their last. For the Thompson family, Nov. 8, 2013 was the last time they would behold Zack’s smile.Coppell parents Joe and Julie Thompson lost one of their three children, Zack Thompson. Zack passed away at the age of 19 from unknown causes, but, although his family, friends and community were grieving, they wanted to find a way to help others who had also lost a child. In order to do this, the family created the Zack Thompson Foundation, with Julie as president and Joe as vice president, aspiring to also create a garden and provide an Angel of Hope for Coppell. Read more.

School littering problem puts burden on janitors

Video by Nick Wilson. Sai Sailaja Seshadri. Staff Writer. @saisailu97. Whether it’s at a football game or lunch time every day, students at Coppell High School have fun with their friends. They laugh, talk and eat. However, when all is said and done, they leave without thinking about the mess they made at the stadium or at their lunch table.The janitors at CHS are the ones that are often forgotten. Whether it is cleaning up between lunches, after school or at the end of a football game – they are always there picking up after the students. However, they are often not given the credit they deserve. Read More. 

Construction to affect parking, parent loops 

Video by Topher Grace and Jack Shirley. Shannon Morgan. Staff Writer. @shannonlacyy.Prior to the rain delays this past week, parking and traffic was set to change on Nov. 10. This date has now been changed to Nov. 17, which is this upcoming Monday.The construction will be entering phase II, and will affect the North student parking lot and regular traffic the most. Read more. 

Students, parents learn about college at informational meeting 

Video by Mia Ford and Kevin Madigan. By Emma Cummins. Staff Writer. Each year, seniors all around the world experience the stress of having to apply to college. However, many do not think about how parents experience that stress as well. For students, picking a college can be stressful especially if their parents are not informed about the processOn the evening of Oct. 29, Coppell High School counselors held a college informational night for the parents at CHS. Read more.

Local chef brings food to life at  Farmer’s Market

Video by Madyline Baucum and Matt Lasky.  By Hailey Siegrist. Staff Writer. @Hailey_Siegrist. Joe Baker enjoys the Coppell Farmers Market because of the customer base.”The market is a great avenue for that outlet,” Baker said. “The market attracts people willing to spend money and at the end of the day it is a business that thrives on the fuel of currency.” Baker is a pastry chef from Montana, now lives in Dallas. He has his pastry sales ordered from his online store, and he sells his pastries at the Coppell Farmers Market. Cakes, peppermint bark, are a few things that Baker has made. Read more.

Local Band members’ camaraderie resonates through music

Video by Taylor Bryson and Kelsey Neal. By Thomas Rousseau. Staff Writer. GRAPEVINE- Band members shuffle out of the side of a crowded restaurant. The loud rumbling of a hundred idle conversations quickly fades as the door swings to a close behind them, but silence is held back by the joke-riddled exchanges of their own. Coppell’s Concert in the Square event in Old Town Coppell on Nov. 1 prominently featured the Time Warp Band. Time Warp consists of 11 band members that have come together over the years through their passion for music. Read more. 

CHS seniors think outside the box for homecoming

Video by Christian Meyer and Eric Loop. By Alex Irizarry. Staff Writer. Homecoming. From the mums to the garters to the dance, Homecoming is an event deeply rooted in tradition. This year, students at CHS decided to break the mold and create their own Homecoming traditions. Read more. 

CHS choir students do well at Region, District

Video by Marilyn Clark and Abby Green. Shannon Morgan. Staff Writer. @shannonlacyy. Last Saturday Coppell High School was bustling with singers from all over the North Texas area auditioning for Region and the ninth and tenth grade honor choir. “There were two separate competitions on Saturday, one of which was the All Region audition. This was the second round of the Texas All State process, which is the process to get into the Texas All State choirs,” assistant choir director Casey Carruth said. “It was the second of four rounds the kids had to go through.” Read more. 

FUMC brings back theatre department

Video by Marin Hulme and Conner Halverson. By Meara Isenberg.Staff Writer. @mearaannee. “Oh my gosh!” This exclamation was directed towards a wall of musical and play posters that hung in Ricky Mitchell’s office at First United Methodist Church Coppell. The director’s eyes lit up at the enthusiasm as he began to explain his experiences seeing the productions. Soon, the wall of posters will not be the only theatrical aspect of FUMC, as it plans to revive its high quality theater program. Read more.

Bigger and better, Hall continues

Video by Bethany Tallon and Ryan Scheetz. By Nicole Messer. Photo Editor. @NicoleMesser14. We scream, he gleams, we all scream for Halloween. For the past nine years, Coppell resident Jim Hall has invested his heart into creating a spooktacular Halloween show in his front yard. “I’ve always loved Halloween because it’s the holiday without expectations,” Hall said. “It’s the holiday where you can do nothing and everyone is happy, or you can do something really extravagant and everyone is still happy.” Read more. 

Chin people flee to America to escape persecution and worship freely

Video by Nick Wilson. By Chris Sheldon. Staff Writer. @ChrisSheldon911.It is estimated that at least 60,000 Chin refugees are living in India while more than 20,000 Chin refugees are living in Malaysia.  Several thousands more are scattered in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. In the Chin State area of Burma there lays one of the most brutal and violent Buddhist groups throughout the world. Read more.

Bass faces Myasthenia Gravis, seeks treatment in Russia

Video by Hailey Hess and Mia Ford. By Sarah VanderPol. Photographer. @sarahvanderpol. For new college student Mikayla Bass, life was good. Stepping into college as a junior and receiving a scholarship to play college volleyball at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio – Mikayla couldn’t have been happier. However, in January, Mikayla’s world took an unexpected turn, causing her life to completely change. Read more.

Moore, Perez transform bus for student section with funky decor galore

Video by Braden Creel and Jared Hernandez. By Tuulia Koponen. Business/Public Relations Manager. @tuulipia. It all started out as an idea to shuttle kids to and from football games and other sporting events.“My dad one day came home and there was a short bus just sitting in the driveway,” junior Spencer Moore said. “We found [the bus] online at a super cheap auction where they sell old school busses.” What started out as an idea in late summer has evolved into a short school bus decked out in funky decor galore that screams Coppell spirit and has the Coppell community in awe right and left, such as assistant principal Sean Bagley. Read more.

Mums through the ages; quick look back at earlier CHS mums, traditions

Video by Jordan Logan. By Gabby Sahm. Staff Writer. @yoitsgoobs.Today, when you look at mums we see fake flowers, layers upon layers of ribbons, bells, whistles, lights and let’s not forget the outrageous size of them. It seems mums are only growing bigger each year, but what if you were to take a look back at mums from 1970s-1990s? Well, you would see quite a difference. Read more. 

An American Journey; a unifying A Capella concert 

Video by Jack Shirley and Spencer Hicks. By Alexandra Dalton. Staff Writer. @alex_dalton04. Gathering Tuesday night at the First United Methodist Church in Fort Worth at 7 p.m., the audience of the A Capella waited, hooting and hollering for their collective favorites. Themed An American Journey, the choir was a collaboration of Coppell High School, Southlake Carroll High School, Newman Smith High School, Trinity High school and Oklahoma State University Concert Chorale. Read more. 

The return: Friday night fights, Southlake vs Coppell 

Video by Marisa Thakady and Macy Wise. By Stephanie Alexander. Entertainment Editor. @stephanierose2u. The tradition that was lost two years ago due to district realignment is back, with the much-anticipated Southlake Carroll vs. Coppell football game on Friday. Senior inside linebacker Bo Anderson has been on both sides of the rivalry. Born and raised in Southlake, he was in its football program until his eighth grade year. Anderson came to Coppell from Lindale, Texas in the middle of his sophomore year and he loves his Cowboy family. Read more. 

McDowell’s passion for weightlifting stems interest in bodybuilding career

Video by Kiley Wecker and Tim Banzon. By Sloane Samberson. Staff Writer. @sloane_avery. High school is often a time of finding out who you are, discovering your true passions and deciding what you want to do in life. Coppell High School junior Luke McDowell found his passion for weightlifting freshman year when he hung up his football cleats and hit the gym. “Growing up I was a gymnast, but once I got to high school I started playing football and wrestling,” McDowell said. “It wasn’t until the end of freshman year when I discovered my passion for weightlifting.” Read more. 

Ballard commences final year with great legacy

Video by Alana Rood. By Kara Hallam.Enterprise Editor. @KaraHallam. After serving Coppell High School for 19 years, technical theatre teacher Bill Ballard is ready to make his final scene. As he completes his last year at CHS, he tries to enjoy each day he has at the school keeping in mind that he will retire at the end of the year. “I’m starting to have some physical problems and this tech theatre stuff is a young man’s game. I’m going to retire because I think my body is not up to the challenge anymore,” Ballard said. Read more. 

CISD implements new surveillance system to catch bus bypassers

Video by Alexis Booker. By Jena Seidemann. Managing Editor. @jena_seidemann. Since the beginning of the 2014-15 school year, there has been over 100 incidents where Coppell drivers bypass school buses while the stop arm is out and lights are flashing. It is estimated there are five to six violations per day. To combat this, the City of Coppell, Coppell Independent School District and Dallas County Schools passed the Coppell City Ordinance 2014-1377 as a preventative measure. Read more. 

Lariette overcomes scoliosis to become better dancer 

Video by Marin Hulme and Emily Edens. By Allie Arnold. Student Life Editor. @_alliearnold. Dancers rely on every part of their body in order to do what they do effectively. If an injury were to occur, it makes it difficult to do a lot of the moves that are required in most routines. So what is someone who has been dancing their whole life supposed to do when their spine grows into a 60 degree curve? Sophomore Lariette Kara Williams has been dancing for 11 years in every style created. Everything from jazz to African tribal funk, Williams has excelled. Read more. 


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