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  • Coppell ISD is on Spring Break from March 12-16

  • Special screening of Angst will take place in the CHS Auditorium on March 29 at 6 p.m.

Humans of CHS

“All the family members will get together and have dinner for the new year, and we have fun together. Then we watch a TV show called “Chun Wan”. There will be different shows for all ages, and family members watch TV together until 1 a.m. We go visit our relatives, and the little kids will ask for red packets with $30 to $40 inside [because the red paper signifies happiness and blessings on those who receive it]. [Feb. 16] is the start of the new year. My friends and family members posted on social media to celebrate Chinese New Year because they have vacations because it’s a holiday, but I’m in school studying, and it’s awful [because I’m not on vacation with them],” senior Skyler Zheng said.

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Humans of CHS