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  • Coppell ISD Board of Trustees approves Brad Hunt as new superintendent

  • Dr. Nicole Jund has been named Coppell High School's new principal.

  • Jill Popelka has formally resigned from her Place 2 seat on the Coppell ISD Board of Trustees

Why Dye?

November 13, 2009
Filed under Opinions

Maddie Walters Staff Writer A colorful sensation is sweeping the nation – well – it’s sweeping Coppell High School at the least. This year, CHS’s hallways have been beset by several teenage girls who are exercising their right to express themselves through the color of their hair. “I...

Everyone deserves a gold star

November 12, 2009
Filed under Opinions

By Satvika Ananth Staff Writer A few days ago I attended a Red Jackets event which required me to stand up and deliver an impromptu speech in front of my peers, which naturally made my hands a little sweaty and my throat a little dry. When I finished speaking, I sat down, not knowing what to expect....

Top 10% no longer top notch

November 11, 2009
Filed under Opinions

Staff Writer Paige Wilson For years the top 10% has been a “safe zone” for students to receive guaranteed admission to University of Texas at Austin.  Now the bar has been set higher than ever before, as UT will only be required to accept the top 8% of students starting from the 2011 freshmen ent...

Truly a Texas girl

November 10, 2009
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By Rebecca Fowler Staff Writer Everything’s bigger in Texas, and we are proud of it. Not only do we sport the world’s largest cowboy boots (found in San Antonio), but we also have the most pride and the biggest hearts… to name just a few of the reasons the state holds a special place in my...

Letter to the editor: Swine flu information misleading

November 6, 2009
Filed under Opinions

Re: The truth about swine: Some rumors explored in this issue The Sidekick, October issue I read the article on the swine flu in your current issue and felt compelled to address some issues brought up in the article. Since it was an article about the "truth" and dispelling myths, I think that some...

Entertainment goes beyond our borders

November 5, 2009
Filed under Opinions

By Ashleigh Heaton Entertainment Editor Sometimes, I wonder why people only listen to American music. I know, I know, you’re probably asking yourself, “What does she mean? Is there any other kind of music?” The answer would be that, yes, outside of our society, there is a rich mosaic of...

A Trick for some, but a treat for many

November 4, 2009
Filed under Opinions

By: Henna Khan Staff Writer The sugar buzz, the funny costumes, and the festive decorations all lead up to one holiday in particular; Halloween. What’s so evil about it? For several it’s nothing, but for some celebrating “All Hallow’s Eve” conflicts quite greatly with religious beliefs. Let’...

School policy on sex ed insufficient Image and video hosting by TinyPic

October 30, 2009
Filed under Opinions

By Satvika Ananth Staff Writer Let’s be real here. There are few things about our situation that we must make clear before we truly begin this discussion. First of all, we live in the 21st century. That means an influx of sex, drugs and alcohol is in our pop culture. Not only do we watch t...

Premature concerns about Prom

October 29, 2009
Filed under Opinions

By Angela Almeida                                                                                                        Opinions Editor Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe this month is October....

Rivalries gone too far?

October 28, 2009
Filed under Opinions

Staff Writer Paige Wilson The rivalry between Coppell and Southlake has become a school tradition. There is homecoming, prom and the Southlake Carroll football game. The week of the Southlake game everything goes into full speed: banners go up, T-shirts go on sale, pep rallies form. This is...

Bumper to bumper tensions run high

October 27, 2009
Filed under Opinions

Staff Writer Paige Wilson Bumper stickers are colorful designs that can express interest or views or even give another driver a chuckle. However in recent years the bumper sticker has become uncontrollable. That is to say that there have been rather weird bumper stickers are making their way on th...

BCS meltdown

October 27, 2009
Filed under Opinions, Sports

By Travis Bremner Staff Writer Two points. Big deal, huh? Just ask Oklahoma. Iowa squeaked by Michigan State 15-13 on a late touchdown and the Hawkeyes moved up two spots in the latest BCS standings. But why? Both Cincinnati and Boise State throttled their conference opponents, and they move...

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