Coppell Student Media

15 Q’s with Ms. Fruithandler

Fiona Koshy and Gracie Blackwell

February 27, 2018

Ms. Fruithandler answers 15 questions as she carries out a typical work day as the lead counselor at CHS. Learn about what her biggest piece of advice is for high school students, who her role model is and how long she has worked at CHS. ...

15 Q’s with Mrs. Wheatley

Fiona Koshy and Gracie Blackwell

February 10, 2018

Mrs. Wheatley answers 15 questions as she prepares a lab for her Forensics class. Learn what inspired her to become a teacher and a fun fact many people do not know about her.

15 Q’s with Mr. Bowden

Fiona Koshy and Gracie Blackwell

October 9, 2017

Mr. Bowden answers 15 questions as he carries out a typical workday as an AP/GT English IV and Creative Writing teacher. Learn about his five favorite films, the best piece of advice he would give aspiring creatives and his hidden talent.

15 Q’s with Mr. Jasso

June 1, 2017

Watch as Mr. Jasso carries out a farewell tradition on the senior bridge (with a twist) as he shouts out "I am CHS" and throws miniature pictures of himself for students to catch. Learn about his favorite memories here at CHS and who his best friend(s) on campus are.  

15 Q’s with Mr.Whitfield

Gracie Blackwell and Akila Muthukumar

April 27, 2017

Enter Mr.Whitfield's honors physics class, where he predicts the weather (his secret talent), shows us his class pet hamster, Melvin, (aka a faux rabbit fur he uses to teach electrostatics), talks about his ideal student and more.

15 Q’s with Mrs. Fisher

Meha Srivastav, Fiona Koshy, and Wren Lee

April 12, 2017

We recently hung out with CISD Board of Trustees member and passionate educator Mrs.Fisher at the Vonita White building, while she took us on an extensive tour, answered some questions about her spirit animal (a salmon) and her jam (Grenade by Bruno Mars), and tried to list all 16 CISD principals in...

15 Q’s with Mrs. Kennedy

Meha Srivastav and Fiona Koshy

March 20, 2017

We tried filming with KCBY advisor Mrs.Kennedy, but she ended up teaching us some video tips instead. Watch to learn about her journalist role model and inspiration, favorite part of the KCBY room and more!

15 Q’s with Mrs. Harris

Lili Lomas, Student Life Editor

February 26, 2017

Yearbook advisor Mrs.Harris tells us why she loves CHS media, how her high school prom (in the cafeteria) was, and more. #SJW2017

15 Q’s with Mr. Wofford

Akila Muthukumar and Gracie Blackwell

February 23, 2017

In celebration of Scholastic Journalism Week, newspaper advisor Mr.Wofford answered 15 questions and told us some good advice for student journalists, revealed which sport he would watch for the rest of his life (in case you didn't know already- hint: Roll Tide), and disclosed his secret passion for...

15 Q’s with Mr. VanderSchee

Lili Lomas, Student Life Editor

January 27, 2017