Letter From the Editor: Issuing the truth in midst of confusion


Shriya Vanparia

The Sidekick editor-in-chief Anthony Cesario details how life has changed because of the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. He emphasizes the goals and mission of The Sidekick during uncertain times such as these.

Anthony Cesario, Editor-in-Chief

In the span of weeks, our lives as students — and as citizens in general — have quickly been thrown into confusion and uncertainty.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has gone from an overseas issue to one that has rapidly spread across our home country, directly impacting the things we do, the places we go and the way we live. I have joked that it almost feels like the apocalypse, and while the situation is definitely no joking matter — I urge everyone to take all precautions seriously — the change it has made to our daily routines is almost surreal.

Coppell ISD schools are closed through March 20, with prolonged closures seeming more likely by the day. We are told to stay inside, to practice social distancing and limit face-to-face interactions. Hand sanitizer, food and toilet paper are flying off the shelves in the blink of an eye. At my work, hours of operation are being shortened and water fountains and restrooms are closed off. And amongst my senior friends, panic and disappointment run rampant now that the cancellations of much-anticipated events such as prom and graduation actually seem possible.

I am the type of person who tends to stay calm (and I believe it is important to do so, especially in times like these), but even I must admit that the way the world has so quickly changed can be a little frightening. However, as a member of The Sidekick, this is the type of situation for which my peers and I have been trained.

Managing a newspaper without a newsroom is challenging. It alters the way we work, the interviews we are able to conduct and the content we are able to produce. We will have to adjust our plans and overcome our realities. But as members of the student newspaper, our job is more important than ever. 

During these uncertain times, we are dedicated to keeping our readers informed. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to report remotely yet thoroughly within our constraints. And, as a staff of more than 60 hardworking journalists, we are devoted to continue issuing the truth, even in the midst of rumors and media intensity.

For now, times have changed. But the spirit, determination, integrity, urgency and passion of The Sidekick will remain.

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