Eagles prosper over Cowgirls in close game


Elaina Hair

Coppell junior pitcher Michaella Baker hits the ball across the field during Friday night’s scrimmage against Prosper at the CISD Baseball/Softball Complex. The Cowgirls lost against the Eagles, 4-5.

Anjali Krishna, Staff Writer

The moment she steps to the bat, she can picture it – dirt skidding up as her cleats touch the edge of home base, the satisfying ping of a well-hit ball and the simple pride in scoring a run against powerhouse Prosper.

“I was thinking get on base and slide,” Coppell junior pitcher Michaella Baker said. “I’ve hit the ball so many times, I know what I’m doing. When I hit it I knew it was good and we were going to keep the rally going.”

However, the rally fell short with Prosper holding on for a 5-4 victory over Coppell at the CISD Baseball/Softball Complex.

Baker’s hits knocked in two of four runs in the last inning of the game.

“We went against a good team,” Coppell coach Mike Dyson said. “They were able to score a few runs more than us, but we did a good job defense wise, and even offense wise. In everything we do, we’ve got to be on it. We’ve got to be able to play great defense, hit the ball, and pitch the way we need to pitch. ”

After a rough start, the Cowgirls were able to reenergize and push back against Prosper’s strong offense. 

“We came and fought. I wouldn’t say we thought we were going to lose, but we told ourselves we can’t be defeated before we even go into the game,” sophomore pitcher Kat Miller said. “We all started hitting the last pitcher, especially when [Baker] hit her double, that started driving in runs so we all thought ‘oh my gosh’ we actually have a shot.”

On the defensive side, Coppell sophomore Elle Belle Zimmerman Coppell junior Sydney Ingle and Coppell senior Olivia Reed turned a double play. 

 “In the beginning, we were thinking, ‘Wow, this is not going to be great’ and then after we started battling it started looking good,” Baker said. I gave up a couple of home runs, I missed a couple of spots and those were the ones they hit over.”

Next week, Coppell plays Frisco Wakeland at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, for which they hope to work on hitting inside the box and planning and putting more focus into batting. 

“Every day we’re going to improve and get better,” Dyson said. “We’re going to work on unity, staying together and attitudes.”

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