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Camila Flores

CHS9 student Abhiram Gadde was voted Student Council treasurer. Gadde looks forward to starting service projects at the school and having the opportunity to be a leader.

Abhiram Gadde

CHS9 student Abhiram Gadde is the student council treasurer for the class of 2023. He hopes to use his student leadership as a way to be an example for the student body, using experience from extracurricular activities and volunteering.

Why did you run for student council?

It allows me to show my leadership by carrying out school activities and projects. It helps me improve my social skills too, like in communication, to hopefully make a change before I leave [CHS9].

Why did you choose treasurer specifically?

I have always been good with money. For example, when I was younger, I saved up for a computer for a while, and then I was able to build it myself.

What does your job entail?

I manage the school budget and oversee the money earned and spent by student council.

What are you most excited to do as part of student council this year?

As treasurer, I’m excited to start some service projects that make us unique.

Why is student council is important?

It gives everyone a chance to lead the school, even if they’re not an officer. It gives the chance for anyone to become an example for the rest.

Are you planning on continuing student council leadership at Coppell High School?

For now, I’m planning on trying to maintain my position by keeping up with volunteer hours outside of school and earning other leadership positions in clubs. I’m dedicated to trying to maintain my position [as treasurer] through the rest of high school.

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