Camila Flores

CHS9 students join Student Council and work together to improve their school. Students in Student Council this year collaborate in order to make the most of their time as leaders.

CHS9 Student Council shaping campus traditions

Freshmen Tavishka Arora, Alexis Frazer, Siddarth Sivakumar, Ji Wang Lee and Abhiram Gadde are CHS9’s second Student Council. The group of five were elected by their class and announced at the end of September. Since their election, the officers have led council and officer meetings, organized pep rallies and awarded teachers of the month. In their year at CHS9, the five hope to have a positive impact on the students and systems of the campus.

Tavishka Arora
Alexis Frazer
Ji Wang Lee
Abhiram Gadde
Siddarth Sivakumar