Immanivong hopes to pursue YouTube Channel as future endeavor


With help from her cousin, Ranchview High School sophomore Emma Immanivong (left), Coppell High School senior Alyson Immanivong films a DIY fall candle video on Oct. 7 for her YouTube channel. Immanivong posts videos every Wednesday on her channel that has more than 500 subscribers.

Alishba Javaid, Staff writer

“Happy Wednesday, everybody! It’s Aly and I’m back with another video!” 

Coppell High School senior Alyson Immanivong says as she starts her weekly video. Immanivong runs a YouTube channel with more than 500 subscribers and over 70 videos posted. 

Immanivong started making videos in May 2018 by spontaneously deciding to record her trip to Thailand with her cousin as a fun way to remember her travel. What sparked a passion has since become a regular schedule and commitment to posting weekly videos.

“I just want [my subscribers] to be happy,” Immanivong said. “I want them to watch to just have a cleanse from everything in their lives and take away something from [my videos].” 

Immanivong started her YouTube channel with her cousin Emma Immanivong, a sophomore at Ranchview High School, but started making videos on her own about seven months ago. 

“Before, it was a lot of weight on Alyson to have to make the videos and get me in line with the videos,” Emma said. “I didn’t really have the time management, however Alyson definitely has what it takes. She’s a lot more of an extrovert than me, and she’s very proactive in the way she does things.”

Coppell High School senior Alyson Immanivong films a DIY fall candle video on Oct. 7 for her YouTube channel with help from her cousin, Ranchview High School sophomore Emma Immanivong. Immanivong posts videos on her channel every Wednesday with more than 500 subscribers.

Alyson’s videos do not have a specific niche, as her content ranges from beauty to DIYs.

“I don’t like being set on one thing when I can share many of my passions with people,” Alyson said.

Since the start of her channel she has gotten around 57,000 views. More recently, her growth rate has increased. Last month alone, she garnered 12,000 views. Her most popular video, How to Clean Birkenstocks, has gotten almost 20,000 views.

“It’s crazy seeing those numbers,” Alyson said. “I don’t even know 20,000 people.” 

Businesses also reached out to Immanivong asking her to promote products such as makeup removal cloths with an environmental friendly company called Bisous. She also did a giveaway with them in August 2019 in which the winner announced was from New Zealand.  

“I didn’t think anybody from a different side of the world would watch [my videos],” Immanvong said.

However, Immanivong is picky about choosing companies she works with.

“I’m not going to do it just for the money,” Alyson said. “I want it to be beneficial to me and my subscribers in that it’s something I actually believe in.”

Alyson accredits her mom, Liz Immanivong, as a big inspiration for her ever since she was young. 

“She is a single mom, and she’s always been there for me. I couldn’t even imagine how hard it was for her to give me this type of lifestyle,” Alyson said.

Her mom is very supportive of her channel, suggesting video ideas and advising Alyson with brand promotions. 

“She’s got the personality and the responsibility and time management skills to take this to the next level,” Ms. Immanivong said. “It is one of the main reasons I do support it.” 

Alyson films using a Canon G7X she bought herself and edits with iMovie, but has recently started using Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro to edit her videos as well.

According to Alyson, editing takes a minimum of three hours. With more consistent effort being put in the process of her videos, YouTube has become more of a time commitment.

Coppell High School senior Alyson Immanivong films a DIY fall candle video for her YouTube channel on Oct.7. Immanivong posts videos every Wednesday and has more than 500 subscribers.

“The biggest struggle is finding a balance with everything,” Alyson said. “Since I started school it’s harder to film, edit and get my video out every week.”

Alyson is a Senior Scholar, a dual credit program designed for seniors to get early college experience. She is also involved in student council and is a peer aid in special education classes at CHS. Special education teacher Melissa Murray even nominated Alyson for student of the month this year. 

“Alyson is very much a go-getter, she is one that takes charge. She knows where all the students are, where they should be, their personalities and a little bit of everything which makes me very proud of her,” Murray said. “People don’t realize what a huge heart she has and how driven she is.”  

Alyson hopes to continue making videos in college while majoring in business. Her plan is to become an entrepreneur while also making videos as one of her sources of income.

“A lot of this is actually business, it’s not just being on camera and posting a video,“ Alyson said. “I love the business side of things and paying attention to analytics like views each day, subscribers each day or rank of videos.” 

What started off as a fun way to capture memories during a trip has since become a passion and a future endeavor.

“This is something I see myself doing as a job,” Alyson said. “I know if I really set my mind to it, I could do it.”


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