Q&A: Taylor sheds light on his role as student council president


Tracy Tran

Coppell High School sophomore student council President Samuel Taylor marks important StuCo events in his calendar after school on Sept. 25 in the CHS Library. Taylor is excited to use his leadership position in StuCo to achieve his goals for the program.

Sreeja Mudumby, Staff Writer

Coppell High School sophomore student council president Samuel Taylor shares his thoughts about his experiences as StuCo president, and how he wants to make certain changes to CHS in order to make it a better place for the entire student body.

Why did you decide to join student council?

I decided to join student council this year because I’ve been in it since sixth grade, I was the vice president at [Coppell Middle School] West in seventh grade. In eighth grade, I was president at West. In ninth grade, I was president at CHS9. I have always been in it, and it’s fun

Do you have time for activities other than StuCo?

I played football from seventh to ninth grade while I was in student council, I’m in the baseball class right now, I play lacrosse outside of school and I was in band in middle school. There is a time commitment. I miss lunch and before and after school meetings. I haven’t had to miss out on extracurricular activities, but it’s a time [commitment].

How has your role as president changed from CHS9 to CHS?          

It’s the same role essentially. In high school, there’s more responsibility here as opposed to CHS9, one, because the school is bigger, [and has] more resources. 

What kind of image do you want CHS to have?

An inclusive place where students care about what they’re doing, know what’s going on and don’t  just try to coast through, [by] creating projects and events that the students care about, and that they will actually participate. Just get the student body involved.

How have you become a better person since being president?

I have made a lot more friends; I’ve become more social. I talked to more people who I normally wouldn’t have, especially when getting people to join student council, and [in] student council events. [I also] met a lot of new people, even adults. It has made me a better person socially, and I’ve learned a lot of leadership skills.


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