From accountant to police officer, Walker’s interest in helping students adds up to happiness (with video)


Kamran Redden

Coppell High School Student Resource Officer Reggie Walker works at his office during third period on September 5th. Walker transitioned from accountant to police officer to help make an impact on students.

Nanette Pottoore, Staff Writer

 You can see him patrolling the halls, talking with students, promoting a healthy environment and ensuring safety.  Whenever there is an issue, you can count on him to help fix it. 

He is Coppell High School Student Resource Officer Reggie Walker.  A Coppell officer for eight and a half years and an SRO for two years, Walker has a passion for teenagers.

 “I love to see students grow and develop in a positive way,” Walker said.

However, Walker did not always want to be a police officer. 

“I have always had a gift with numbers,” Walker said. 

With a degree in accounting from the University of North Texas, he worked as a tax accountant for four years. Initially, he believed in order to be successful at a young age, he needed to make money. 

“While the accounting firm did pay well, I realized that happiness does not come from a dollar value,” said Walker.  

The transition from accountant to officer was because of his love for impacting people’s lives, especially the youth. Ultimately, he preferred a job that offered happiness. Being an officer allows him to positively impact teenagers, specifically the students at CHS. 

One thing Walker is happy to see is the increasing involvement of outside clubs.

“It’s really great to see students in theater, sports, band. Just a variety of things and to see them doing something positive,” Walker said. “There is a great spirit and vibe with the students”. 

His presence has made an impact on students in the campus. He can be seen on duty near the cafeterias, casually talking with students.

“Mr. Walker is really nice and easy to talk to, he is someone I can rely on if I need help” Coppell High School senior Sarah Bayanmunkh said. 

After working with the school for two years, Walker thinks there has been a great improvement with the students and the staff. He hopes this year will be successful and safe one. 

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