Physics teacher Sloane displays superhero qualities as the school year unfolds


Samantha Freeman

Coppell High School physics teacher Stephanie Sloane has been watching Marvel for 11 years. Sloane said she connects the most with Captain America because of his charitable beliefs and big heart.

Victoria Hertel, Staff Writer

Coppell High School physics teacher Stephanie Sloane isn’t just your friendly neighborhood teacher at CHS. Clues in her classroom like the poster on the wall that plasters Avengers in bright red hint that she is an avid Marvel fanatic. 

However, more than just a fan of the movies, Sloane admires the values each character embodies.

“I try to incorporate those same principles and examples seen in Marvel movies in class,” Sloane said. “My love of Marvel ties into being a physics teacher with all of the positive morals and action in the Marvel movies.”

Specifically, as the school year progresses, she purposely tries to get involved in the lives of her students, keeping in mind the principles of the Marvel superheroes. Sloane takes pupils aside during class to get to know more about them.

While Sloane tries to showcase hero-like qualities to her students because of her love for Marvel, she watched her first Marvel movie because of her physics students. 

“My students actually convinced me to go see Iron Man,” Sloane said. “I was at training for teaching physics, and I had the weekend free so I decided to see the movie. Then I became obsessed with the world of Marvel.”

Beyond just watching and enjoying the films, Sloane encapsulates the spirit of each hero when teaching physics.

“I like to think that I am similar to Captain America,” Sloane said. “I think everybody would just because he’s so altruistic. He doesn’t have any ulterior motives; he’s just a good guy.” 

The compassionate and selfless characteristics of Captain America can be seen through her own actions. Every morning, Sloane greets students at the door with a handshake or a fist bump. She makes sure that everyone is in the classroom before she goes in and starts teaching for the day. Sloane is involved with her students and even keeps a bulletin board with pictures of memories with some of her past students.

From Marvel fanatic to physics teacher, Sloane tries to incorporate these hero-like qualities wherever she goes.