Letter in the mail isn’t your future

Editorial Board

“Hey, did you get into the college you wanted?”


Everyone gets asked this question from the moment the letters come in. Some may answer with a prideful smile, recounting the exact moment they realized they were accepted into such-and-such university. Others’ smiles may falter, as they remember staring at the rejection letter, hoping it would change.


We all have reach schools we dream of as we click the button to submit the application. Unfortunately, we do not always receive the same acceptance letter.


For those who didn’t get into their dream school, it’s OK. The person you become when you earn your degree does not depend on where you spend your four years. The opportunities are endless when you have a positive mindset and focus on what you can do instead of where you go.


This can be especially hard when it’s more than just your own expectations on your back; often, we have our families expectations to balance, as they hope we go to the college everyone in your family has gone to or a very prestigious university.


We’re not saying it doesn’t matter if you got in your perfect Ivy League school. But going to that college doesn’t create a successful life for you. If you don’t do an ounce of work, and you get kicked out, neither you or anyone else will remember the fact you worked so hard that you were able to get into your perfect college. They’ll just remember you slacking off.


If you only got into the school you weren’t super excited about, it doesn’t mean you can’t obtain success. You applied to that college for a reason: it has a potential of being a perfect fit for you, whether it’s the academics, environment, cost or more.


If you got in, then that college is what potentially works for you. You might end up thriving: Maybe you become class valedictorian, receive amazing internships, learn more than you thought you possibly could or even just make friends you will have for life. Did the school you were going to really determine that, or did you?


The words on the letter you get aren’t what determines your future. It’s you. You have the option to make your future the most successful it can be, whatever that means to you.