Coppell explores dangers of marijuana and vaping with community forum


Bella Mora

On Feb. 5, a community forum was held to inform parents of the dangers of vaping and marijuana usage with teens. The forum also explained possible ways students can purchase these substances.

Arman Merchant, Staff Writer

On Feb. 5 a handful of Coppell High School parents walked into the CHS auditorium to learn about the effects of marijuana and vaping on young adults.


The presentation was part of the Parent U program used to understand the growing concern around schools in the surrounding areas.


“It is important for parents to understand the situation and how to work around it,” Dr. Harold Urshel said. “Making sure parents can catch the warning signs earlier is beneficial towards a long lasting healthy lifestyle.”


Although the presentation was geared towards the different effects of both drugs, Urshel used the seminar to teach various parenting styles and how to maintain a right path for students.


One of the biggest points Urschel emphasized was learning about everything around their child, As parents should know who their teens are friends with


“Peer pressure is the number one reason students start experimenting with these different substances,” Urschel said. “Although a teen may find a parent annoying for knowing more about their friends, it is vital to stop this behavior from occurring.”


Parents were also informed about how the internet has made an impact on addiction.


“Having access to cellphones and internet has made it easier for students to connect and get access to the substances,” Urschel said. “Taking a few minutes in the week to monitor a child is important for parents.”


After the presentation, parents were able to discuss and ask questions to Dr. Urshel about ongoing problematic behaviors with their children and their solutions


“I learned so much during the presentation,” CHS parent Monica Sehgal said. “I’m able to use different parenting techniques to help my son with a more successful path.”


With the ongoing epidemic with teen drug use, Urschel is hopeful for the future.


“Having the ability to inform just a handful of parents can make a huge difference,” Urshel said. “The presentation means so much to me, and it is great that I have the ability to spread change.”