On the Spot: GT/English III students use creative approach with visual argument project (with video)

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Mari Pletta

During fifth period, Coppell High School juniors Isha Agarwal, Ruchika Kowala and Shrey Patel work on their peer evaluation worksheets in Melissa Alexander’s English III AP/GT class in the library. Students are working on their Visual Argument Project and explain topics using only photos, drawings, or sculptures.

Arman Merchant, Staff Writer

Today, in Melissa Alexander-Blythe’s GT/English III classes, students were able to show off their creative side with the visual argument project. Students could choose from many current topics as a project for their argument unit.


Students created posters, art illustrations, movies, sculptures and many more to spread their message without the use of words.


As they walked around the CHS library, students were able to look at their peers project, and understand the message they were trying to convey. With different ideas on display, students learned about topics they have never really looked into.


“The projects around me were amazing,” CHS junior Bikal Sharma said. “It was a great way for everyone around me to really learn about our different arguments along with displaying our creative talents.”


The project was introduced to be more than a grade, as it took on the role for students to really express themselves.


“Being a GT student, it is hard for some of them to think outside the box,” Alexander-Blythe said. “Giving them the opportunity to think outside the norm, is a great experience for both me and them going forward.”


With work on display throughout the library, Alexander-Blythe is impressed with the outcome of the project.


“The outcome has been exceptional,” Alexander-Blythe said. “For the years to come, this project will be a great way for my students to display their creative process.”


Projects will be on display in the CHS library next week.


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